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If You Have The Habit Of Walking While Talking On Phone, Here's Why You Should Change That

Fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala shared a series of videos demonstrating some simple exercises for you to do at home.

If You Have The Habit Of Walking While Talking On Phone, Heres Why You Should Change That

Poor posture can affect your muscles and bones

Did you know that an action as simple as talking on the phone while you walk can damage your muscles? Fitness expert Yasmin Karachiwala along with physiotherapist Dr Hemakshi Basu explained the harmful effects of talking while you walk through a series of videos. Yasmin also demonstrated exercises that will help improve muscle strength and balance. Dr Hemakshi Basu explained, “Walking and talking with one arm swinging causes a lot of muscle imbalance. It creates an imbalance between your anterior oblique chain and your posterior oblique chain.” The anterior oblique chain runs diagonally across the front and side of your body while the posterior oblique chain runs across your back and into your gluteal region. 

When you walk with one arm swinging and the other holding your phone there is an imbalance caused by your weight and posture. This imbalance affects the rotation of your pelvis and the swinging of your arms when you walk normally. To help correct your posture, you can do the exercises demonstrated in the video. 

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The three exercises work on both your anterior and posterior oblique muscles and aim to strengthen them. Check out: 

1) Opposite Hand To Knee Press

Begin by lying down flat on your back. Fold your knees and lift your left leg up. Touch your right leg to your left leg. Hold for 5 counts. Repeat with the opposite leg and hand. Drop the rib area and sternum down to the floor. This exercise works on your anterior oblique chain.

2) Opposite Hand And Knee Press In Low Bridge

Continue lying down on your back. Lift your hips a few inches above the ground. Lift your right leg and push your left hand against your right leg slightly and hold for 5 counts. Lower your hips back onto the mat and relax. Repeat the same by lifting your hips and doing the exercise with the opposite set. This exercise works both your anterior obliques and posterior obliques at the same time.

3) Prone Opposite Hand And Leg Raise

Begin by stomach down on your mat. Gently lift one hand and the opposite leg a few inches above the ground. Then lift the next hand and opposite leg and hold for five counts. If you find it difficult to raise the hand and opposite leg at the same time you can do the exercise by first lifting both arms and then legs and then combining the two. In case your back is arching too much, place a flat cushion under your stomach and then proceed to do the exercise. Doing this works your posterior oblique chain.

Try these simple exercises at home and improve your posture and strengthen your spine and muscles.

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