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Try These 5 Exercises To Increase Stamina

What you eat and your physical activity, all influence your stamina. In this article, we discuss the best exercises to help you boost your stamina.

Try These 5 Exercises To Increase Stamina

Try squats to increase your stamina

Stamina, also known as endurance, refers to the period till which you can continue a physical or mental activity. For example, someone being able to run for 30 minutes at ease, would be considered to have high stamina. Stamina can be measured in terms of physical and mental activity, however, we will discuss how we can increase physical stamina. There are various foods, activities, and exercises that have all been proven to better our stamina. 

Here are some easy exercises you can incorporate into your workout routine to increase your stamina:

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is one of the most popular cardio exercises. It is extremely easy to perform and requires no equipment. Jumping jacks help pump up the heart rate and body temperature. It also requires little to no guidance and maybe a great addition to your at-home cardio workout routine. Here's how you perform jumping jacks:

  • This exercise requires you to switch between two poses rapidly
  • The first pose would be, standing straight with your feet next to each other 
  • During this pose your hands stay down, on both sides (how they would rest normally)
  • The second pose would be, your feet farther apart from each other (farther away compared to your shoulders)
  • During the second pose, your arms need to towards the ceiling 
  • Your hands will create a flying-like motion while switching between the two poses
  • Your legs switch between the poses by jumping
  • Repeat 20 reps in 4 sets daily


Squats are another popular cardio exercise. Although it betters stamina, it is comparatively slow-paced. Squats also help tone thighs and hips and are a great lower body exercise. In addition to this, just like jumping jacks, squats do not require any equipment. Here's how to perform squats:

  • This exercise requires you to switch between two poses
  • The first pose would be, standing straight with your feet apart at the same length as your shoulders 
  • During this pose, your hands can be straight pointing at the front or joining making a fist with both hands
  • The second pose would be, bending your knees like you would do while sitting
  • At this point, your calves and thighs create a 45-degree angle
  • Your hands can stay in the same position between both poses
  • Hold the ‘squatting' position for at least 2-3 seconds and repeat 20-40 times

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are another great at-home cardio exercise. This exercise promotes an increase in stamina as it is slightly fast-paced. It is a great full-body workout and requires no equipment. Here's how you can perform mountain climbers:

  • Facing the floor, place your palms shoulders apart on the floor
  • Your hands need to be straight, not bending 
  • Keep your feet on the floor, only toes touching the ground
  • Now, bring one of your knees towards your chest in a jumping switch
  • Switch between these knees at a fast pace for 10 reps on each side, 4 times

Incline Walking

Incline walking is a very effective low effort stamina increasing physical activity. Incline walking would mean walking at an upwards angle. You can perform incline walking on a treadmill setting. If you prefer working out indoors a great way to incorporate incline walking into your routine is by trying hiking. Walking up mountains, etc. is a great incline workout activity. Once your stamina betters, you can also try incline running and cycling.

Punching bag

A punching bag workout is a great way to boost your stamina. It is a great aerobic workout and also increases your strength, speed, and muscles. This cardio exercise promotes an increase in body temperature which further also helps burn fat and increase muscle.

Try these exercises to better your stamina and increase endurance. High stamina makes working out easier and also betters the overall health of the body. 

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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