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Top 5 Tips For Weight Maintenance

Achieving an optimum height and weight is as essential as maintaining your weight in the long run. Read on to know about different life-style changes to keep yourself in good shape forever.

Top 5 Tips For Weight Maintenance

Keep a check on your daily habits to sustain your health forever

Attaining an ideal balance between body-weight, mind and health has become a trend and most of us have brought certain changes in our lives to achieve it at the earliest. But studies have shown that we often fall prey to irregular eating and sleeping habits and end up re-gaining the weight that we laboriously lost/gained .Losing/gaining weight is in itself a tedious job and requires utmost dedication and discipline but maintaining your weight is a yet another task which you should keep a check on, if you wish to lead a healthy and happy life.

Here are some tips to keep yourself in good shape for long without having to re-invest in weight gaining /losing training sessions all over again.

1. Never miss your daily exercises

Some of us lose out on maintaining our exercising schedule and eventually stop doing it. But, doing daily exercises in whatsoever form (Yoga, Gymnasium, Dance Classes, Sports activities) should not be skipped as it disturbs your body's energy balance and decelerates your metabolism.

It is essential for you to burn the calories you consume to maintain the energy balance. Hence it is important to stick to your daily exercise routine to lead a happy and healthy life.

2. Avoid messing up with your sleeping routine

Due to excessive work pressure and hectic life, we end up messing up with our sleeping schedules. Waking up after sunrise affects your health badly and plays a vital role in taking you back to your initial state. Hence let the adage - " Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy and wise" sink in deep into your conscience if you wish to stay healthy forever.

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3. Keep yourself calm and stress-free

Taking extra stress and getting over-anxious about your weight and body mass index also takes toll on your health. Increasing stress level can lead to release of a harmful hormone called cortisol which increases your belly fat and makes you regain the lost weight.

Hence, keep away from all the negative thoughts and keep yourself in a good shape forever.

4. Check your weight regularly

We may not realize this, but keeping an eye on your weight on regular basis is extremely essential to maintain your weight. It keeps you motivated and makes you self-conscious of your daily food intake.

Hence, never dump your weight machine after you achieve your desired weight. Also, don't get over-stressed if you re-gain or re-lose your weight. Be mindful of it and work on it if you mess up with it.

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5. Keep yourself hydrated

Studies have shown that insufficient water intake in a day inhibits the metabolism of your body. According to health experts and dietitians, drinking 2 glasses of water prior to your meals lessens your food intake and helps in burning of calories at faster rate.

To maintain a healthy body, a regular intake of 3 litres of water is essential and important for a happy, healthy and stress-free life.


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