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To Reduce Waste, Try This Instead Of That

Reduction of waste in your daily routine can make you lead a healthy life by only swapping from non-reusable to reusable goods. These ways can help us to save environment and lead a healthy life by reducing waste.

To Reduce Waste, Try This Instead Of That

Instead of using non-reusable things, opt for reusable things in your daily routine


  1. Opt for reusable cups instead of disposable cups to reduce waste
  2. In place of using household cleaner, make your own cleaner at home
  3. Instead of using sanitary pads, try using cotton pads
To reduce personal waste, Tippi Thole suggests making these swaps. Small changes add up!

Out & About

Instead of a disposable coffee cup: Bring your own reusable to-go cup, or dine in

Instead of bottled drinks, plastic cups: Skip them, or bring a water bottle

Instead of plastic straws: Skip them, or use reusable stainless-steel or silicone straws

Instead of takeout containers: Bring your own containers for leftovers or takeout


Instead of plastic shopping bags: Reusable tote bags

Instead of produce bags: Skip them, or use reusable mesh bags

Instead of packaged food: Bring your own containers to bulk-food stores and farmers markets (check for package-free stores near you)

Instead of packaged snacks: Make your own

Instead of new clothes, furniture, sports gear, etc.: Buy secondhand whenever possible


Instead of household cleaner: Make your own with vinegar, water and lemon juice

Instead of paper towels: Cloth rags

Instead of plastic sandwich bags: Reusable cloth bags or food storage containers

Instead of paper napkins: Cloth napkins

Instead of paper bills and statements: Electronic bills and statements

Instead of catalogues: Cancel them

Personal Care

Instead of liquid soap: Bar soap

Instead of bottled shampoo: Bar shampoo

Instead of disposable razor: Stainless-steel safety razor (blades can be recycled)

Instead of shaving cream: Shaving bar

Instead of tissues: Handkerchiefs

Instead of cotton rounds: Reusable fabric rounds

Instead of plastic toothbrush: Bamboo toothbrush

Instead of mouthwash: Make your own

Instead of toothpaste: Make your own

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Instead of tampons: Silicone menstrual cup

Instead of sanitary pads: Reusable cotton pads

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