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Three Foods That Seem Healthy But They Arent; Nutritionist Busts Myths

Lovneet Batra busts myths related to some foods in her Instagram post.

Three Foods That Seem Healthy But They Arent; Nutritionist Busts Myths

There are so many myths when it comes to eating healthy

With so many debates about clean eating habits, one is persuaded to make the switch to healthier food options. Furthermore, with so much information available at the touch of a button, it's impossible to know what's good for the body and what's not. Just because something is there online doesn't imply it's safe to eat. Be wary of the various deceptive marketing and advertising practises and don't fall for them. Your eating habits should be based on a thorough understanding of the foods you're consuming. Nutritionist Lovneet Batra shared a video on Instagram debunking stereotypes about foods we think are healthy but aren't.

In the caption, she mentioned, “There are so many myths when it comes to eating healthy. And, just because it seems healthy doesn't mean it is. So, here are 3 foods that may not be as healthy as their marketing claims make them out to be.”

Here are the following three foods that Lovneet pointed out in her video:

1) Sugar-free substitutes

Lovneet stated that many people prefer sugar-free substitutes to skip calories or sugar but they don't know that it actually causes insulin resistance and dysbiosis that may result in inflammation and not help you with the solutions to your problem. Sugar-free substitutes are used to mimic the sweet taste of sugar but that doesn't make them healthy. They carry artificial sweeteners that may increase your overall caloric intake, make you crave real sugar, cause insulin resistance and changes in the gut microbiome.

2) Refined oils

Vegetables are healthy but not everything that is connected to them is. The refined oils that are marketed as low cholesterol oils and perceived as healthy are actually quite inflammatory for our system, Lovneet added. The partially hydrogenated vegetable oil not only raises bad cholesterol but also increases your risk for heart disease.

3) Pre-made smoothie bowls

If you are someone who uses pre-made smoothie bowls as meal replacements, you need to stop and read this. Premade smoothies seem to be all loaded with nutrients and an easy way to reach your health goals because of the way they are advertised. But they are in fact, packed with a ton of added sugar and filler juice from concentrate, making the smoothie not so healthy at all.

Take a look:

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As a concluding note, Lovneet wrote, “Remember, the most powerful tool for nutrition you have is knowledge of what you're eating.”


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