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Nutritionist Shares Her Wisdom On Increasing Breastmilk Supply In Lactating Mothers. Find The Useful Hacks Here

The nutritionist suggest well-rounded meals for lactating mothers that include proteins, water and sugar.

Nutritionist Shares Her Wisdom On Increasing Breastmilk Supply In Lactating Mothers. Find The Useful Hacks Here

A healthy diet with protein can help improve breastmilk production


  1. Breastfeeding mothers should consume a healthy diet
  2. It is crucial to ensure adequate water consumption
  3. Here are some nutritional hacks from nutritionist that might help

Breastfeeding or nursing that baby has always been one of the cornerstones of motherhood. Many healthcare experts even suggest breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months after a baby's birth. However, at times, for some mothers breastfeeding becomes difficult if there isn't enough milk production in their body. When faced with such a situation, mothers are drawn to other feeding substitutes. In a new Instagram video, nutritionist Pooja Makhija offers a few “nutrition hacks” to “improve lactation” and terms breastfeeding “the most gratifying feeling ever”. She also asks her followers to “tag a lactating mum who can benefit from this”.

Tips for lactating mother to boost breastmilk supply

In the video, Pooja talks about three “raw materials” that form the colostrum or breastmilk.

1) Protein: The protein from three sumptuous meals a day can boost milk production.

2) Water: Pooja advises lactating mothers to drink a glass of water every time they finish feeding their babies.

3) Sugar: Sugar does not refer to the cane sugar in our kitchens. Pooja says that the sugar content in our meals is enough for milk production. Small, frequent meals can help.

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Lactating mothers should add enough protein to their diet
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Sometimes, a mother's breastmilk supply may reduce due to stress, fatigue or less nutrition to the body. In such cases, certain foods can help them tide over the problem. Pooja gives a list of foods that stimulate more milk production. She calls these foods the “good” galactagogues.

Galactagogues help in better milk production and its flow from the mother's breasts. The list includes fenugreek or methi seeds, fresh methi leaves, moringa, papaya, sweet potato and brewer's yeast.

Moringa can be had in its natural leaf form or as pills. The effect of brewer's yeast and many other galactagogues on increasing milk production is yet to be studied properly. But they are widely used in many countries across the world.

Pooja notes that the production and supply of milk are related to the demands of the baby. The more the baby suckles from the mother, higher are the levels of oxytocin production and better is the milk flow. Oxytocin is known as the hormone that stimulates the better flow of milk from the breasts.

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Watch her video here:

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Lactating mothers need not worry about providing sufficient milk to their babies if they keep tabs on what they are consuming.

(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, dietitian and author)

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