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World Thyroid Day: The Best And Worst Foods For Your Thyroid

World Thyroid Day 2018: While the butterfly shaped thyroid gland in your neck silently runs major functions of the body without you noticing, thyroid malfunctioning can be visibly dangerous for your health.

World Thyroid Day: The Best And Worst Foods For Your Thyroid

World Thyroid Day: Your diet can be controlled and moderated to control thyroid disorders

World Thyroid Day: More often than not, you can prevent or cure diseases by making simple changes in your food habits. Your thyroid gland is majorly responsible for your metabolism, which means it regulates how slow or fast your organs, like heart, brain and muscles will work and also controls your growth. It produces the hormone thyroid by converting iodine, that reaches different parts of your body through the bloodstream to regulate the use of energy. Malfunctions in the thyroid, are hence a major cause of concern and something that won't escape your notice. Both an overactive or under-active thyroid are dangerous for your health and these situations can be controlled, by a large extent with tweaks to your eating habits.

Here are 4 foods you should avoid eating to maintain better health of your thyroid:

1. Gluten

Thyroid malfunctioning generally happens because your immune system unintentionally starts producing antibodies that harm it. Gluten can sometimes trigger such autoimmune reactions because it leads to increased inflammation in the body. Gluten rich foods are wheat and barley.

2. Sugar

Autoimmune diseases can get flared up due to infections in your stomach and sugar is a leading cause of stomach infections. Eating too much sugar can lead to production of harmful pathogens and hamper the health of the thyroid. Switch to honey and other sweeteners.

doughnut sugar

Sugary foods don't just add to your weight but also impair the functioning of your thyroid gland
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3. Soy

People who largely have a soy based diet in the form of tofu, beans or sauce can be at risk of iodine deficiency that can aggravate thyroid problems. This is because soy contains goitrogens, which inhibit absorption of iodine. It is also difficult to digest and the lectins in it can cause stomach infections, leading to autoimmune diseases.

4. Junk Food

Burgers, fries and most processed foods found at fast food joints are very low in iodine. Not just this, most of these foods are very high in salt- but not iodised salt- that can negatively impact your blood pressure.

fried food junk food

Fried and processed foods are not required to use iodized salt
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And these are the 5 foods that will bring the best health to your thyroid:

1. Apple

If you consume metals like mercury that are easily concealed in some vegetables, the buildup can make your thyroid hormone production come to a screeching halt. Some fibers, like the ones found in apple stick to these toxic metals and flush them out of your system when you urine. So apples are great for your thyroid gland.

2. Chicken

Meats like chicken are a good source of zinc and this mineral is an essential nutrient for your thyroid gland. Chicken is also rich in amino acids and dopamine, which like building blocks for your thyroid.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is the magical superfood for your thyroid. Not only does it have probiotics that fight stomach infections but it is also rich in iodine and Vitamin D, deficiency of which is a leading cause of an under-active thyroid. Yogurt has immunity boosting and anti inflammatory properties that keeps autoimmune diseases at bay.


Yogurt is rich in probiotics, Vitamin D and other healthy nutrients
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4. Eggs

Another superfood, eggs are good sources of both iodine and selenium, that boost your thyroid's health. It also has fat soluble vitamins and choline, that attacks the fat deposits that result due to thyroid malfunctioning. Most of the nutrients (except the protein) lie in the egg's yolk so it's best to eat it whole as boiled.

5. Milk

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Dairy products are a good source of iodine and Vitamin D, and full fat milk in particular can fulfill one-third of our daily requirements of iodine. It also helps your body metabolize fat more efficiently and so eases the burden on the thyroid

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Happy World Thyroid Day!


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