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Sugar Vs Jaggery: What Makes Your Dessert Healthier?

Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra says she often hears people saying that they have baked their cake with whole wheat and replaced sugar with jaggery but does it make their cake ay healthier? Lets find out

Sugar Vs Jaggery: What Makes Your Dessert Healthier?

Is jaggery healthier than white sugar?

People on a weight-loss journey are always looking at ways to reduce their sugar and sweet intake. and how to best replace the unhealthy white sugar in their foods. Jaggery has become a common sugar substitute as it is clearly a healthier option but doe it really help lose weight? Working out on a regular basis is vital for losing weight, but it's also important to keep track of what you eat in a day. In an Instagram post, nutritionist Pooja Malhotra delved into the debate on sugar vs other sweeteners such as jaggery. Without taking sides, the nutritionist outlines the calorie content of all sweeteners in the video and let her viewers decide for themselves.

Take for example cake, Pooja Malhotra says she often get calls from people who say that they have baked their cake with whole wheat and replaced sugar with jaggery, and want to know whether that makes the cake any healthier or if they can have it with their evening tea?

This is what the nutritionist said:

Calories per 100gm

Sugar (white) – 400kcal

Sugar (brown) – 380kcal

Sugar (Demerara) – 390 kcal

Sugar (coconut) – 340 kcal

Sugar (palm) – 353 kcal

Jaggery – 383 kcal

Honey – 319 kcal

Do you still think that replacing sugar with jaggery will make your cake any lighter? “Well, just a tad bit,” she says. Does it make it any healthier? “Well, it just adds a minuscule amount of minerals,” she adds.

What this means is that a dessert is still a dessert and all of us should reserve them for those special occasions and not indulge our cravings leisurely. Finally, Pooja Malhotra has a piece of advice, “Watch the size of your slice,” she says.

Watch the clip here:

Now that you are armed with facts about all kinds of sweeteners, dismiss any myths anyone tells you and pick your dessert wisely and live a healthy life.

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