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Stay Healthy When Working From Home: Ditch These 5 Mistakes Today

Some unhealthy habits can affect your health negatively when working from home. Read here to know such habits you need to avoid for better health.

Stay Healthy When Working From Home: Ditch These 5 Mistakes Today

Sitting for too long is linked with several health issues


  1. Choose healthy snacks when working from home
  2. Take frequent break to control stress
  3. Eat a well balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight

Work from home is the new normal. It has now become a part of everyone's life. It has affected your daily routine in several ways. When working from home, lack of physical activity and snacking too often has also become a part of the schedule. Many don't know but these unhealthy habits can harm your health in several ways. Unknowingly these habits may take a toll on your health and may increase the risk of several health conditions. These can affect your mental health too. Here's a list of you should ditch today for a healthy work from home routine.

Avoid these when working from home

1. Missing exercise

Skipping exercising when at home is more harmful than you think. To counter the side effects of sitting all day you must exercise regularly. Starting your day with exercise is one of the best options. You can start with simple exercises. Enjoy your workout with your favourite music. You can also do your workout with your family that will keep you motivated.


Start your day with exercise for optimum energy levels throughout the day
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2. Not maintaining the right posture

While working many forget to maintain the right posture. Poor posture can lead to excessive stress on your muscles. It can lead to back pain and pain in neck and back. Poor posture is also linked with poor digestion, frequent headaches and weight gain.

3. Snacking too often

Frequent snacking can lead to the consumption of unhealthy calories. It can also make you skip major meals. You should fix your meal timings. Also, choose healthy snacks loaded with fibre. These will also help you maintain a healthy weight.


Fix a healthy sleep schedule to reduce unnecessary stress
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4. Improper sleep pattern

A complete change in schedule has affected the sleep schedule as well. Too much screen time before bed or late night working has lead to inadequate sleep. You should sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Regular exercise will also help you sleep well.

5. Not socialising enough

During these times you can socialise with your friends and loved ones virtually. This will help you reduce stress. Talking to your loved ones is beneficial for your mental health.

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