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Say Goodbye To Menstrual Problems With This Simple Hack

Read on to know one simple hack that can help you manage period-related issues effectively and naturally.

Say Goodbye To Menstrual Problems With This Simple Hack

Jaggery is a good source of iron

Do you experience painful periods? Well, you are not alone! Not just cramps, many women also experience changes in mood, loss of appetite, digestive issues and much more during their monthly menstrual cycle. Your monthly period is inevitable, however, these issues can be prevented with simple changes in diet and lifestyle. Here, we'll discuss one such tip that can help you manage period-related issues effectively and naturally. Read on to know more.

In an Instagram post nutritionist Nmami Agarwal shared a simple hack that can help you deal with issues that you might be experiencing every month. She advises adding jaggery to diet.

"Jaggery isn't just your average sweet treat; it's a superfood when it comes to managing your menstrual cycle," Nmami mentioned in the caption of the video.

Here's how jaggery helps deal with period-related problems:

1. Adds iron to your diet:

If you feel tired during your monthly period, add jaggery to your diet. Iron in jaggery can fuel your body and boost your energy levels.

Iron also helps replenish the blood you lose during menstruation. It also helps those who suffer from scanty periods by making them bleed properly.

Heavy periods also increase the risk of developing iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, adding iron-rich foods like jaggery to diet can help maintain healthy iron levels in the body.

2. Reduces cramps:

Menstrual cramps are quite common and can be quite troublesome. The expert recommends adding jaggery to your diet to reduce cramps. "Jaggery contains certain minerals like magnesium and potassium that help relax your muscles, easing those dreaded period pains," she mentioned in the caption of the video.

3. Lifts your mood:

Do you experience period blues? Jaggery might help. Jaggery helps promote the secretion of happy hormones. It stimulates the release of serotonin, the 'feel-good' hormone. So, boost your mood with jaggery!

4. Improves digestion:

Many women experience bloating and constipation during menstruation. Jaggery can help you get rid of these issues as well.

5. Manage cravings:

It is also common to crave sweets during periods. So, instead of indulging in those calorie-loaded treats, have a piece of jaggery.

Best time to eat jaggery: "4-5 days before your periods start till day 4," recommends the nutritionist.

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