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Want Relief From Pains and PMS? These Asanas By Rujuta Diwekar Promise To Help

Wellness Expert Rujuta Diwekar shares three simple and effective asanas that will help you recover from COVID infection, and also deal with pains, aches and PMS

Want Relief From Pains and PMS? These Asanas By Rujuta Diwekar Promise To Help

Make asanas a part of our daily routine for multiple benefits

In a fast-paced world, flitting from task to task, meeting deadlines and skipping meals are the norm. The kind of sedentary lifestyle that most of us lead can be detrimental to health, and often starts with stiff joints and body pain. We have grown up hearing about the benefits of regular exercises, especially yoga. The need to make asanas a part of our daily routine is the need of the hour. Drawing our attention to this fact, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has posted a video on Instagram where she demonstrated three simple and effective asanas for recovery.

She states that one can perform these exercises even after having battled COVID-19 (Omicron) and to get back to fitness routine, gradually.

Rujuta said that these exercises will help you accelerate your recovery, improve your posture, get a stretch and remove your aches, pain and PMS. You can do these asanas if you have trouble with PCOS, thyroid or PMS. If you are simply isolating at home but you don't have major symptoms like fever and all then also, you can do these. When exercises are performed in a proper structure, they give you the maximum results and turn out to be effective. 

The three asanas demonstrated by Rujuta Diwekar are as follows:

1) Upavistha Konasana

To do this, sit down on the floor taking support from some chair or sofa at the back. Now, lift one leg and stretch it on the side followed by another leg on the other side (opposite direction). Put both of your fingers (of your hands) down on two sides of your body and work at lifting your hips slightly up. Do that and come a little forward. Work at staying there with your chest and your trunk upright and with your back body going down. If you can't do it on the floor, just shift back and take support from the sofa behind. Put your arms on the side, roll your shoulders back, open your chest and stay there. Let your toes point up towards the ceiling. Stay like this for 5 counts.

2) Second Asana

After the first stretch, put one of your hands under your knee and help yourself to bring the foot closer to your pelvic. Do the same thing with the other leg and bring your legs closer to your pelvic. Now, since you have your toes together, open them like an open book. Work at putting the knees down, again roll your shoulders and lift your chest up. Sit in this position for 5 counts. Meanwhile, if you feel cramps under your knee or knee thighs, you can take a pillow and put it under your knees for some relief.

3) Third position

Rujuta stated that it's the most important asana when it comes to the relaxing part. People face back pain issues due to various reasons but this asana helps you relax and deal with the problems.  

For this, change your direction and face towards the sofa or the bed. Now, put your legs up on the sofa one by one and release yourself down slowly. Now, when you lie down, your head shouldn't be thrown back. If your head is going back, use a pillow and support your head. Stay at a position where your legs are perpendicular to your body, your feet should be relaxed, your lower back and your hip will be completely flat on the ground.

Rujuta further told that when you sleep straight, you may have noticed that there forms an arc at the back and it pains a lot. This position avoids arc formation and helps you relax fully. Put your palms by the side and take a nap for 10-15 minutes.

After you've rested for some minutes, bend your legs and hold them over your chest and stay for a while. Roll on your right side and keep looking at the floor for a while and slowly get up.

This asana is for relaxing and so, you can do it after your yoga class, your weight lifting training or even after running.

Take a look:

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