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Rujuta Diwekar Recaps The Basics Of Weight Loss To Shed Those Extra Kilos Sustainably

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared ways to lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way.

Rujuta Diwekar Recaps The Basics Of Weight Loss To Shed Those Extra Kilos Sustainably

Basics of weight loss by Rujuta Diwekar to keep extra weight off

The only thing most people think about celebrations and bingeing is obsessing over how to get rid of those excess kilos as soon as possible, and even tend to resort to extreme diets. However, nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar insists that it's important to lose weight the right way. In an Instagram video, Rujuta advises her followers on the “basics of weight loss”.

She captioned the post, “A 10-min guide to a stress-free, sustainable weight loss and health gain.” Rujuta states that if you try to follow random diets, you won't be healthy and won't lose weight in the long run. With celebratory food, you have already introduced variations to your diet. So, now, if you switch to other plans, the further changes will cause trouble, Rujuta added.

Here are a few other points Rujuta Diwekar shared in her video on weight loss:

1) You must adopt a diet, exercise and make lifestyle changes to improve your strength-to-weight ratio.

2) Strength-to-weight ratio would mean your bone and muscle weight should contribute largely to your body weight.

3) If your strength-to-weight ratio improves, you'll benefit a lot.

Talking about the benefits, Rujuta said they include the following:

Your sugar craving goes away.

Irregular periods end and regular period starts.

Your sleep quality improves.

Your energy levels improve.

The quality of skin and hair improves.

Your moods improve.

Your exercise performance improves.

You'd be able to get rid of acidity, bloating, and constipation.

Rujuta further stated that whenever we go to a doctor with issues like back pain, migraine, irregular periods, etc, the first thing doctor asks us to do is to lose weight. But when you introduce variations to your diet, exercise and lifestyle, the muscle and bone weight in your body may increase. If that increases, your weight doesn't go down immediately, it comes down gradually.

In order to stay away from many non-communicable and infectious diseases, you need to improve your strength-to-weight ratio.

For those who follow a random diet plan — keto, intermittent fasting etc — Rujuta said their body weight may drop drastically but won't be helpful in the long run. After some days, you'll start gaining weight again, she added.

Rujuta Diwekar demonstrated a few exercises as well to measure the strength-to-weight ratio:

1) While you are standing, put your right foot on your left foot and see if you can stand in this position properly for 10 seconds. It's good if you are able to stand properly. After this, lift your leg up a bit and follow the same. You should be able to stand properly. Repeat on the left side too.

2) Sit down and without taking any support, you should be able to get up.

3) Change the cross of your legs and sit down and similarly, without needing any support - get up.

Watch Rujuta's video here:

So, on your weight-loss journey, set realistic goals. And most importantly, don't give up if the progress is slow.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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