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You Must Use This Natural DIY Mask For Strong And Shiny Hair

Dermatologist Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta shares the various benefits of a DIY hair mask.

You Must Use This Natural DIY Mask For Strong And Shiny Hair

Rice water hair mask gives your hair incredible strength and shine

We try various hacks to make our hair healthy and strong. After all, there's hardly anyone who doesn't want shiny and voluminous hair. And, one of the issues that every second person complains of is hair fall. Relatable, isn't it? Considering all this, sometimes, it is good to stick to dadi maa ke nuskhe. One such effective home remedy happens to be the use of rice water for your hair. Dermatologist Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta shares a post on Instagram talking about this DIY mask.

In the caption, she writes, “Do you love doing some extra self-care on a Sunday? I do. My grandmother always took the utmost care of my hair every Sunday. Since childhood, she used masks and other home remedies to make my hair strong and shiny.”

She also adds, “Her recipes have been a lifesaver for my hair and skin and today I'd like to share a hair mask that will give your hair incredible strength and shine.”

In the video, Dr. Geetika says, “Rice water, as we all have heard, works wonders for hair. And it was definitely a tip and a trick that a lot of Japanese women follow.”

Rice water is basically starchy water that is left behind after soaking rice. You can also ferment it by leaving it inside the fridge for about two days or even using boiled rice water.

Dr. Geetika mentions the following benefits of the hair mask:

1) Rice water has a lot of starch inside and it is basically, heavy protein treatment for your hair.

2) Your hair needs smoothening, shine, and detangling. For this purpose, rice water is the best DIY that you can use at home.

3) Rice water is loaded with a lot of nutrients like vitamin C, E and A

4) This DIY mask also carries biotin inside and along with that; it has inositol which strengthens the hair.

How can you use rice water on your hair?

According to Dr. Geetika, use rice water after shampooing your hair. Apply that on your mane and leave it on for about 20 minutes and then again rinse it off. However, the dermatologist states that you should not leave it for a very long period of time because that can lead to overuse of this. For better results, use it regularly.

Geetika suggests that you can even store that rice and water in a mist bottle. This will make sure that you can just use it as a mist in between to get the benefits.

Take a look:

Now that you know the benefits of this DIY masking, don't forget to include rice water in your Sunday haircare ritual. 

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