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Pre And Post Workout Nutrition: Expert Reveals What You Should To Eat For Maximum Results

Pre and post workout meal: What to eat before, during and after your workout affects the results of your workout routine. Read here to know from expert what you should be eating.

Pre And Post Workout Nutrition: Expert Reveals What You Should To Eat For Maximum Results

Workout meal: Enough protein-rich foods can help in muscle recovery


  1. A healthy pre-workout meal can help ensure optimum energy levels
  2. Do not forget to stay hydrated while working out
  3. A combination of healthy diet and exercise can help you lose weight

Workout helps in burning stored energy. You lose fat but over a time but your muscles are also lost in strenuous workouts as you aim to push your body. An effective method to not burning off your muscles is healthy pre and post workout nutrition. The pre workout meal recharges your blood with carbohydrate energy and a small amount of protein. This allows you to push the muscle into burning fat whilst it's getting its fuel. Most workouts happen early morning on an empty stomach or later in the evening where people are dashing from work into the gym. In both these scenarios, not eating pre-workout results in a weight loss plateau.

Pre and post workout meals

Pre-workout meal (1 hour prior): Some ideas are-

  • A glass of milk (make sure you are not dairy allergic)
  • An egg
  • A slice of whole wheat bread with mint chutney or peanut butter
  • A 10 gram scoop of protein with a coffee shot
  • An orange with a glass of 5 grams of Amino Acids like glutamine, BCAA and Argenine
  • A cup of beans
  • Beetroot and pomegranate juice

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While working out-

During your workout, have a green tea lemonade with no sugar and 5 grams of Brached Chain Amino acids added.


Your pre and post workout meals affect the results of your workout
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Post-workout meal idea-

Post workout a 10-15 grams of vegan protein powder or whey protein is best. Try to avoid any powders with chemical sweeteners. Instead add the protein powder to a curd or almond milk and shake it up and consume within 20 mins of finishing a workout.

It is advised to eat the heaviest meal post workout. This ensures you retain muscle. Then you grow muscle due to your intense workout and finally this added muscle that you accumulate on a week to week basis, raises your metabolism and this is the secret fat burning machine, i.e., your own muscles.

One should also do a bi-monthly body assessment of weight, fat and muscle and determine how the decrease or increase are happening. Managing your daily calorie intake is important. Men are encouraged to work out on an empty stomach and women to eat a good meal 1-2 hours prior and then workout. You will then not hold your weight loss plateau for long.

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Finally remember losing weight via nutrition and exercise is a calculated strategy. Food unfortunately is very difficult to be exacting on the proteins, carbs and fats. Total calories on a daily basis can be off by over 30% causing daily mismatch of targeted calorie loss via diet. So for your exercise strategy to maximise muscle growth and fat burn at the same time, please get your pre and post workout meals balanced perfectly for the best results.

(Ryan Fernando is a Celebrity and Sports Nutritionist)

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