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Nutritionist Elaborates On The Many Reasons To Include Amla In Your Diet

Amla or the Indian gooseberry is known to be a powerhouse of Vitamin C and a natural immunity booster. Here are all the reasons to include amla in your daily diet.

Nutritionist Elaborates On The Many Reasons To Include Amla In Your Diet

Amla can help you have beatiful skin and hair


  1. You can make pickle or chutney with amla
  2. Including amla in your daily diet can benefit you in many ways
  3. Vitamin C in amla can help in fighting common cold

We always keep looking forward for immunity boosting food items to be added in the list. Amla or the Indian gooseberry is a life savior and contains a lot of Vitamin C which helps in boosting immunity. The other sources of vitamin c are orange (pulp), papaya (ripe), lemon juice, sweet lime, strawberry, guava (pink and white flesh), black currants, mango (green- raw and ripe), bell pepper (red and yellow), green capsicum, knol knol, drumstick, brussels sprouts, green leafy vegetables etc. In Ayurveda it is believed that Amla can balance all three doshas of the body (Vatta /Pitta/Kapha) and can prevent underlying cause of many diseases.

How can amla help us if included in daily diet

1. Builds Immunity: In today's time we are looking forward to any hint of increasing our immunity, amla is a real booster and helps in building up body's capacity to fight against diseases.

2. Helps fight common cold: Vitamin C in amla prevents common cold and is absorbed more easily than the supplements available in the market.

3. A boon for eyes: It helps in improving eyesight and helps in enhancing the vision.

4. Helps in managing diabetes and lowering blood glucose levels: It helps in stimulating Insulin production and hence balancing the Glucose levels in body, also helps in reducing cholesterol levels in body.


Amla can help in managing diabetes and blood sugar levels
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5. Has Anti-inflammatory properties: It helps in arthritis related aches as it has anti- inflammatory properties.

6. Can heal mouth ulcers: Gargling with diluted amla Juice gives an instant relief in mouth ulcers.

7. Good hair, prevents hair fall: It strengthens hair follicles and hence prevents hair fall, helpful in dandruff prevention, delays graying of hairs, makes hair shiny, soft and acts as natural hair mask.

8. Beautiful skin: It helps to make skin glow, blemish free and has anti - aging effects.

Ways to include amla in diet 

Due to its sour taste, it is difficult to eat raw amla. Here are some interesting ways to include amla in the diet: 

  • It can be grated in dal while boiling, it will blend well and can be consumed
  • Small chunks can be added in vegetable preparations
  • Can be grinded in for gravies
  • Can be included in variety of chutneys
  • You can make Amla pickles, chutney, candy, juice or dry it to form a powder.

(Vandita Jain is Delhi-based nutritionist and Diabetes educator)

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