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Nutritionist-Approved Tips For Safe Drinking This Festive Season

“Alcohol is nothing but a lot of empty calories,” as per nutritionist Pooja Malhotra.

Nutritionist-Approved Tips For Safe Drinking This Festive Season

Drink enough water to prevent dehydration from alcohol, says expert

If you are planning to have a drink or two at dinner parties this festive season, it is vital that you keep a tab on your water intake as well as the accompaniments. First and foremost, alcohol is nothing but a lot of “empty calories.” As per nutritionist Pooja Malhotra, consuming alcohol causes dehydration of tissues which results in water retention and overnight weight gain. In an Instagram post, the nutritionist explains ways to manage alcohol consumption at dinner parties. “Usually starters served with alcohol are fried and salty stuff, hence a triple whammy,” she says. However, you can always minimise the damage by following these tips and tricks. 

Let's take a look:

Pooja Malhotra suggests eating a light snack before drinking so that the alcohol does not hit your system on an empty stomach. Alcohol enters the bloodstream through the stomach and small intestine. Now, if the stomach is empty when you are drinking, the alcohol enters the bloodstream faster. Following this, you may feel the effects of your drinks quickly.

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  • While drinking, make sure you don't skip consuming water. Therefore, drink two glasses of water after you finish a drink to prevent dehydration.  

  • Instead of fried and salty stuff, go for some healthy accompaniments like healthy salads, roasted nuts, or non-fried starters.

  • As far as the main course is considered, you can skip it. 

  • Next, the nutritionist suggests that you must keep the alcohol frequency as minimum as possible. 

  • While get-togethers may call for fun, keep yourself miles away any kind of drinking challenge games or driving after drinking.


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