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No Smoking Day: 7 Simple Ways To Help You Quit Smoking

No Smoking Day: Try our set of tips to quit smoking.

No Smoking Day: 7 Simple Ways To Help You Quit Smoking

No Smoking Day: Nothing can stop you once you decide to quit smoking


  1. Say no to that health hazard which makes you feel so weak and helpless
  2. You are more likely to quit smoking when you are in a good mood
  3. Make sure nothing in your home reminds you of cigarettes

Just one more puff and I won't touch a cigarette again. That's how smokers give excuses to themselves and to the people around them. And eventually, smoking continues to accompany you on a road to serious health problems. Majority of the smokers do not wish to quit; and those who wish to do so simply can't. This is probably because people fail to figure out ways of quitting this awful habit. Remember that your mind is your strongest tool. If you make up your mind to do something, nothing can stop you. This No Smoking Day, learn some simple tricks which can help you quit smoking. 

As far as smoking is concerned, learn to say no. Say no to that health hazard which makes you feel so weak and helpless. Once you make up your mind to quit smoking, try these simple tricks to speed up and ease your way to quit smoking altogether.

1. Identify your reason for smoking

To begin with, you need to figure out the reason why you smoke. Try to figure out your 'excuse' for smoking. Be it stress, digestion or just fun; try to figure out why you smoke. Now write down these queues and challenge yourself to avoid smoking in such scenarios. Instead, try to look for better and healthier ways of dealing with these excuses.

write 625

Quit smoking: Identify your queues for smoking
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2. Suck a straw

The effect of smoking on stress is simply psychological. It is primarily based on the principle of breathing in and breathing out. Nevertheless, if you still wish to take the same feeling, you can try sucking a straw. The routine habit of smokers is to go out and suck on that stick of cancer. This way you can take a similar sensation and still keep your lungs safe. Try practicing this as and when you crave for cigarettes, mostly after your meals.

plastic straws

Quit smoking: Suck on a straw
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3. Try to quit when you are in a good mood

It depends on your mood as well. Studies show that you are more likely to quit smoking successfully when you are in a good mood. However, if you are saddened or stressed out, you may not be able to give up smoking easily.

4. Keep all your smoking money in a jar

You never realize how much money you spend on accumulating tar and cancer in your lungs. Once you start trying to quit, you will see how much money you are saving, and that will be a great motivation. Even if you smoke four or five cigarettes a day, you do not realize how much you spend on it in a week. So when you quit, make a jar where you can keep all the money you are saving by giving up cigarettes. Trust us that will also be a big motivation.

how to save money tips to save cash

Quit smoking: Save the money you spent on cigarettes
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5. Clean up

One of the most important things about quitting this habit is to ensure that nothing reminds you of it. That could be a big trigger. So the day you decide to quit; the first important thing to do is clean up your house. If you are into smoking, chances are that your house could be full of ashtrays and lighters. Throw them away. Anything in your house that smells like cigarettes, clean it all up. Keep air fresheners in every corner. Make sure nothing reminds you of cigarettes.


Quit smoking: Clean your  house
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6. Get moving

If you were a regular smoker, chances are that quitting can show some withdrawal symptoms. So as soon as you feel that you are about to reach out for a cigarette, put on your jogging shoes and go out. Take your out for a walk or go and meet your friends. Anything which can keep you distracted from smoking should be tried.

morning walks offer life changing benefits

Quit smoking: Go out for a walk 
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 7. Reward yourself

Set goals for yourself, and when you successfully achieve that goal, reward yourself for it. Buy something pretty for yourself. Eat well and enjoy your time. The money that you saved up by giving up on cigarettes, use it to reward yourself. This will also be your motivation to quit smoking.

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