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Mental Health: 6 Ways How Telling Positive Things To Yourself Can Help You With Weight Loss And Overall Good Health

Tips for good mental health: Everything from weight loss, to anxiety, depression and stress can be dealt with easily, if you have a positive approach towards life and say only positive things to yourself. Read here to know what Luke Coutinho has to say about it.

Mental Health: 6 Ways How Telling Positive Things To Yourself Can Help You With Weight Loss And Overall Good Health

Mental health: Teach your kids the power of positivity at a young age


  1. Replace hate with dislike, hate is too strong a word
  2. Try saying positive things about yourself and about others
  3. Positive speech cultivates positive environment around you

I'm a failure... I'm fat and no clothes suit me... I'm ugly... I hate my job... If you have been telling such negative things to yourself, or know someone who is used to saying such statements, then this article is a must read for you. In one of his recent live sessions on Facebook, lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho highlights the "power of right speech" and how saying the right things to yourself can play a huge role in determining your self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence, thus improving your mental health.

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Mental health: Why you need to say right, positive things to yourself

Telling negative things to yourself can affect your physical and mental health even if you are following the right diet, exercise and sleep routine.

1. The words that you speak or the kind of speech that you use is not only going to affect you, but also everyone around you. Negative energy travels quite quickly, disrupting nearly everything around you. The more you call yourself fat, ugly, incapable and unworthy, the more likely you are to actually become like this. Tell yourself positive things and try to have a positive outlook towards life. It will automatically turn things upside down for you, for good.

2. Never tell your kids that they need to lose weight, or if they need to lose weight or they are slow or they don't know how to do anything, etc. Motivate your kids to become better and tell them that there is always scope for improvement instead of discouraging them. Teach right speech to your children to make the learn how to be positive. Avoid instilling fear in kids in order to change them.


Never discourage kids and teach them how to be positive, no matter what
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3. Lukes quotes Hafiz and says, "The words that you speak become the house that you live in." As far as you continue to complain or keep speaking evil or negative things, the house around you becomes equally negative. Constantly speaking negativity can cultivate a negative culture in your family. Similarly, motivating and positive things coming from your mouth creates a similar energy in your house.

4. Stop speaking about the things you don't have. Start respecting what you have and express gratitude for the same. The former will continue to keep you in a state of destitute, and the latter will lead you to a path of enlightenment and positivity.

5. Know that the things that didn't work out for you were probably for the best. Try to look at the good side of things in your life: your relationship, job, marriage, friendship, house, the city, everything.

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6. Live mindfully in the moment and keep a check on what you say about yourself to yourself, and what you say about others. Negative thoughts, feeling and speech should be avoided. Try to replace hate with dislike, hate is too strong a word for a person or for a particular thing.

The idea is to build a healthy environment within in order to have a healthy environment around you.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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