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Mask Up With The Best N95 To Stay Safe From Covid-19 And Air Pollution

To combat the harmful effects of unhealthy air quality and keeping the viruses at bay, wearing a N-95 mask has become the need of the hour!

Mask Up With The Best N95 To Stay Safe From Covid-19 And Air Pollution

Best N95 mask to stay protected against air pollution and Covid 19

India has been facing two public health emergencies, simultaneously - the pandemic and toxic levels of air pollution. Globally, air pollution is a silent killer and the air pollution levels in India are amongst the highest in the world. Almost all of India's 1.4 billion people are exposed to unhealthy levels of ambient PM 2.5, which is the most harmful pollutant and is known to cause deadly illnesses such as lung cancer, stroke, and heart disease. 

Early 2020, India encountered a powerful enemy to the human body - the novel coronavirus. With no vaccines available to immunize the masses at the time, the World Health Organization urged people to wear N95 masks to keep the virus from infiltrating the body. More than a year has passed and medical experts continue to emphasise the need for a N95 mask as an effective form of protection as coronavirus concerns continue to linger. The WHO recommends wearing face masks as an effective way to prevent the spread of Covid 19 (even if you have received the vaccine) and other potentially harmful viruses in the air. It's pretty clear that vaccinations have variable efficacy against different variants, so we can't drop that mask just yet. 

According to Jai Dhar Gupta, CEO of Nirvana Being, India's leading Clean Air Solutions business, “While the virus will mutate and variate, the actual particle size will not change. As long as you wear a well-fitted N95 mask, with a nanofiber filter, that has a >95% tested efficacy for a 0.1 micron particle size, you are rock solid on the science - for both COVID & air pollution.”


N 95 masks provide 99% protection against viruses and PM 2.5 
Photo Credit: Nirvana Being

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A N95 Mask 

To combat the harmful effects of air pollution and to keep viruses at bay, wearing a N-95 mask has become the need of the hour! Till N95 masks had not come in, people were using cloth and surgical masks, which were okay, but not ideal. Surgical masks and cloth masks provide 60-70% and about 30-40% protection, respectively. Medical experts recommend wearing a N95 mask as it provides 99% protection. So, if you want to protect yourself and your kids from Covid 19 and the adverse effects of air pollution, switch to a N95 mask now! Here are some tips you must keep in mind while buying a mask: 

  1. Only those N95 masks should be used, which have the appropriate certification - Nirvana Being has certified N95 Masks, tested by Nelson Labs, USA and CEN Certification by SGS, Switzerland.
  2. It should be safe and comfortable to wear over a long period of time with low breathing resistance. N95 masks with Nanofiber filters are more breathable and comfortable.
  3. It should be well-fitted with adjustable ear loops or metal nose bridge, so that the mask fits perfectly over the nose and mouth without causing discomfort.
  4. N95 reusable and washable masks with a minimum of three layers are advised for children. They should be dried completely before reusing, and washed as necessary only once they are dirty, or smelly.  
  5. The mask should be anti-viral and anti-pollution. The Nirvana Being masks have a >96% viral filtration efficacy and >99% particulate filtration efficacy. 

Masks for Kids: N95 Safety Meets Fashion!

Masks have become an essential clothing accessory, which now need to be worn for longer hours. When buying masks for children, parents must keep in mind that the masks made for adults are not suitable for children.


N95 masks for kids are attractive, fun and super safe
Photo Credit: Nirvana Being

Nirvana being is the result of a cause that has always been close to Jai Dhar Gupta, which is, offering solutions to the Indian people to battle the degrading air quality of the country. Nirvana Being has launched a range of Nirvana N95 and Airific N95 Masks for kids in fun designs, which have a nanofibre filter layer in the centre and are tested and approved by Nelson Labs, USA. 



The masks for kids has a three layer protection
Photo Credit: Nirvana Being

The nanotechnology filter layer gives maximum protection while causing lowest breathing resistance and the designs of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and Barbie characters, a combination that is not to miss. Nirvana Being saw huge value, not only in science, but also making the N95 fun and attractive for children - so they actually keep their masks on.These masks are available in 7 sizes from XS - XXL, to provide a perfect fit for a child starting 12 kg and up. The masks are also available in stylish designs for adults for formal and casual wear. As Jai Dhar often says, “You can only beat science, with science - be aware & safe.”

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