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Want To Lose Weight Rapidly? Know This Before You Plan To Start A Diet

Luke Coutinho shares how quick weight loss plans can harm you and how one should be very careful of such fad diets.

Want To Lose Weight Rapidly? Know This Before You Plan To Start A Diet

When you lose weight too quickly, you starve and later feel so hungry that you end up bingeing

Luke Coutinho shares the side effects of following any quick weight loss plan. He lists a few pointers to spread awareness about how we mustn't fall prey to such diets. He says, "It is about time we wake up to this. While rapid weight loss might bag some praises and compliments, it also comes with unpleasant side-effects like hair transplants, kidney and heart complications, hormonal imbalances, mental battles and fears, missed periods, and so on, which no one talks about. If losing weight too quickly has ever worked, why is weight loss still one of the most searched keywords on the internet?"

Luke Coutinho has highlighted the following dangers of losing weight too quickly:

1) You miss out on important nutrients

When you go for these quick weight loss plans, you end up missing out on the key nutrients. This is because most of these fad programmes knock off a complete macronutrient from your diet. You are advised to eliminate certain food items completely from your diet. Each and every food item like fruits and vegetables serve you different nutrients. So, giving up on any of them completely isn't a good idea. 

2) Avoid low-carb diet

Going on a low-carb diet is another popular fad. Well, it's beautiful when done the right way. If you are on a low-carb diet or not consuming a particular food item, you should get your nutrients from other sources and alternatives. 

3) Body switches to the starving mode

Luke Coutinho explains that your subconscious doesn't care about your weight loss plans. It only cares about survival. So, the moment your food intake falls (because you are trying to starve yourself), your body, through a thyroid gland, starts regulating your metabolism. The moment you starve, your metabolism slows down because it's trying to conserve energy. It does that by making you tired. Until you feed your body the next time.

4) Beware of the sudden calorie drop

A sudden calorie drop in your body isn't good for your health overall. The process is slow and well-planned. When you try to drop your calories too fast, the body switches to stress mode and thus, survival mode. 

5) Your mental health is affected

According to most diet plans, you lose muscles first. That's not the right plan for you. Because muscles burn fat. But on a fad diet, you lose water, you lose muscles, you don't lose fat but your bone density and you lose your mind, Luke adds. 

6) You get dehydrated

People, sometimes, when going on these low carb diets or fad diets, don't care about their water intake. It's simple when you are dehydrated, your body tries to hold water. Now, what happens in this condition? About 70-80 percent of your body needs water and when you don't give it that, you upset the metabolism of your body, the vital functioning of every single organ of your body. You face constipation and other issues.

7) You get ravenous

When you try to lose weight too quickly, you starve and later you feel so hungry and you end up bingeing. And, you feel sad and guilty.

Luke adds that these fad diet plans also result in weakening your immunity system. After which, you are prone to many diseases. 

Take a look:

Remember there cannot be a shortcut to losing weight. And if you ever want to do it, be mindful and stay away from fad diet plans.  

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