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Here’s Why You Must Add Star Anise To Your Diet

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra lists the health benefits of star anise in her latest post.

Here’s Why You Must Add Star Anise To Your Diet

Star Anise is considered to be a saviour for the heart

We have all grown up savouring various spices in our desi curries. However, we never knew their vast treasure trove of health benefits. Apart from adding taste and aroma to food, Indian spices work like magic for our bodies. One such spice is star anise, commonly used in preparing masala chai, biryani or chicken and other curries. This star-shaped spice has its origin in South China and is known by the name “Chakra phool,” here in India. Nutritionist Lovneet Batra, in an Instagram Stories, talks about the health benefits of this spice. She suggests that we must add it to our diet.  

Apart from incorporating taste into our dishes, this flower-like thing is a storehouse of some key properties that can benefit our body in many ways. 

Here's what Lovneet Batra says about star anise:

1) Star Anise can help promote the elimination of free radicals throughout the body, particularly those that can cause oxidative stress in the skin.

2) Anise is considered to be a saviour for the heart as well. It helps control the blood pressure level and heartbeat. It is a natural analgesic.

3) Star Anise may also carry sedative properties that can help your nerves settle down and also ensure a good night's sleep. 

Lovneet Batra often talks about different food items and illustrates their health benefits. She wants us to take a look at the benefits of Galia Melon also known as sarda. As per Lovneet, it regulates heart health. Galia Melon not only reduces bad cholesterol but also helps lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. Sarda is loaded with soluble fibre pectin, that aids digestion. It is also good for the eyes and has anti-cancer properties.

Do keep these food items in mind and include them in your diet. 

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