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Lack Of Sleep May Reduce Fertility And Cause Weight Gain. Signs That You're Sleep Deprived

If you are sleeping for less than 6 hours a day, you might be doing serious harm to your body. Check out these five health hazards which are caused by lack of sufficient sleep.

Lack Of Sleep May Reduce Fertility And Cause Weight Gain. Signs That Youre Sleep Deprived

Sleep plays a major role in repairing our tissues and synthesising our hormones


  1. Lack of sleep may cause gain of weight
  2. Insufficient sleep increases stress levels and causes high blood pressure
  3. Being sleep deprived also affects our skin

Many of us do not give much importance to getting enough sleep. We tend to be ignorant of the fact that insufficient sleep can contribute to deteriorating health and our overall lifestyle. We the people who live in cities that never sleep and have jobs that pay in lump sum amounts, are quite ignorant of the time we dedicate to sleep. It seems as if sleep debt or sleep deprivation is a part of all the humdrum affairs our daily routine.

But studies have suggested that lack of sufficient sleep can be a major reason why we get tired and catch bacteria that causes cold or flu too easily. Not only is sleep is essential for growing muscles, it also plays a major role in repairing our tissues and synthesising our hormones. Express.co.uk along with psychologist Bastine have given 5 major health hazards caused by insufficient sleep.

1. Colds and flu

Lack of sleep makes your immune system weak, thereby making it easier to catch harmful bacteria and viruses. Bastine informs that seeping helps our immune system produce protective cytokine, antibodies and cells which help in fighting infections. She further says that not getting enough sleep will also lead to people taking longer to recover from illness.

2. Causes problems in getting pregnant

Males tend to become less fertile due to lack of sleep. According to a study conducted by University of Southern Denmark in 2013, sleep deprived men had over a quarter lower sperm count than men who slept more. Insufficient sleep can cause fertility problems in women as well.

3. Causes high blood pressure

Bastine suggests that people who are sleep deprived are at higher risk of worsening their blood pressure of developing high blood pressure. She says that sleeping assists the blood to regulate stress hormones and also keeps our nervous system healthy.

4. Causes weight gain

Studies say that people who sleep lesser than six hours in a day are more likely to be overweight. These people experience lesser levels of leptin- an appetite suppressing hormone, and higher levels of ghrelin- a hunger stimulating hormone.

5. Affects skin

Insufficient sleep begins to show adverse effects on your skin. Signs like acne, reduced glow and aging can be caused by lack of sleep. According to Bastine, being sleep deprived makes the body produce more of cortisol, a stress hormone. Increased levels of this hormone can also increase stress and inflammation in the body.

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