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Junk Food May Be Slowly Killing You! Here's how

We all enjoy eating extra-spicy and sugary junk food which also makes easy passage for deadly hazards to enter our body. Read on to know about the diseases you make yourself prone to after excessive intake of junk food

Junk Food May Be Slowly Killing You! Heres how

Cut short of those extra-cheezy meals to shove off away deadly diseases


  1. Excessive fat damages your liver and disturbs metabolic process
  2. Junk food often leads to memory loss and other cognitive disorders
  3. Unhealthy diet increases the level of bad cholesterol in your body
Are you someone who loves to gorge on cheesy fries and cakes overloaded with chocolate? Well! you might have to cut short all of that from your diet because it may be killing you slowly. It is difficult to believe but excessive intake of junk food has serious effects on your body and paves way for dangerous diseases. Recent studies have also revealed that not only does it increases your waistline and makes you lethargic, but also becomes a major reason for big and dangerous diseases like Cancer. One important thing that links all of this together is the deposition of unhealthy fats in different organs which obstructs the flow of blood, water and other essential substances in your body. While those spicy dishes and cheesy fries might please your tongue, they are not as pleasing to your internal organs and are possibly slowing down your metabolic process. The junk intake also affects your mental health and causes depression and other cognitive disorders.

Here is how your favourite junk food are actually making your body prone to dangerous diseases like Diabetes, Cardiovascular problem and even Cancer-

1. Diabetes  

Diabetes happens when your pancreas release insufficient amount of insulin to convert the complex forms of glucose and sugar into simpler forms. These complex glucose molecules flows into your blood and distorts the its basic composition. The excessive intake of junk food which contains a huge quantity of saturated and unsaturated fats disturbs the functioning of your pancreas and therefore the entire digestion process. This results in causing you Type-2 Diabetes which also gradually deteriorates your other body parts.

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2. Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is caused when your liver stops functioning properly and your gall bladder stops responding to your hormonal stimulation. The junk food that you consume deposits the fat unevenly in your body. This damages your liver and paralyses the food breakdown process.
3. Blood clotting  

The intake of Junk food which contains a lot of unprocessed and fatty substances causing blockages in your arteries and veins. This leads to clot formation in your arteries which inhibits the proper flow of blood in your body. This improper blood flow causes stroke which at times becomes difficult to cure.
4. Heart Disease  

Your heart is one of the worst affected body organs due to excessive intake of nutrient deficient junk food.Consuming such food decreases the levels of good cholesterol and increases bad cholesterol in your body leading to heart related problems like cardiac arrest, heart attack and cardiovascular problems.

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5. Cognitive disorders

Not only does the junk food takes a toll on your physical health but it also leads to mental meltdown. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2011) said that excessive amount of fat and sugar rich food obstructs the functioning of brain peptide called BDNF( Brain-derived neutrophic factor)which is responsible for learning and memory formation. Another study at the Brown University has reported that junk food increases the risk of dementia in your body by increasing insulin level in your body.

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