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Jaggery Or Honey, Which Is Healthier? Dr Jaishree Sharad Throws Light

Many people want to know whether jaggery or honey is healthier. Dr Jaishree Sharad explains it in her latest Instagram video

Jaggery Or Honey, Which Is Healthier? Dr Jaishree Sharad Throws Light

Any sugar is sugar, whether it is honey or jaggery

A lot has been said and done about sugar. We have been told a number of times that sugar is not good for your health. This sweet food item can have some really harmful effects on your body. Right from the risks of obesity, heart disease or diabetes, it is believed that sugar affects your teeth, and immune system and even accelerates ageing. Yes, sugar is not good for your skin either. And, then a few feel that they can use certain alternatives for sugar like - jaggery or honey. However, there has been a common confusion about whether honey is healthier or jaggery. Dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad throws some light on this and explains it in a video on Instagram.     

She says, "Any sugar is sugar, whether it is honey, jaggery, cane sugar, date sugar, coconut sugar all sugar will attach to the protein molecules and they will result in advance glycation end products these are toxic free radicals which will cause early aging."

She adds, "Also sugars can increase the IGF1 Levels which can cause acne. So honey or jaggery is just the same."

Take a look:

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Dr Jaishree Sharad often suggests that we must avoid sugar intake if we want to have youthful skin. In an Instagram update, she speaks about sugar and the way it must be ignored for healthy skin. She mentions that those who want to delay the process of ageing, must stay away from sugar including cane sugar, normal sugar, jaggery, organic sugar, or coconut sugar. Basically, avoid all kinds of sugar and of course, the food items that contain them. Not just this, Dr Jaishree Sharad also states you need to avoid “food with high glycaemic index and alcohol if you want to delay the process of aging”.

Dr Jaishree Sharad shares that sugar is not healthy for your skin. She mentions the elements that can have a drastic impact on your skin. The five elements include excessive sunlight, sugar, stress, pollution and smoking. You must know how to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Also, too much stress can hamper your skin. Pollution can prove to be a damaging agent for your skin and if you are trying to have healthy skin, you must stay away from smoking.  

From now on, do keep your sugar intake in check if you are concerned about your skin.  

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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