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Do You Skip Using A Cleanser At Bedtime? Here's What You Are Doing Wrong

Dr Jaishree Sharad states that you must never skip the process of cleansing your face at night before going to bed and explains why.

Do You Skip Using A Cleanser At Bedtime? Heres What You Are Doing Wrong

You should wash your skin consciously with a cleanser as your day ends

The desire to have healthy skin requires some basics that one needs to follow. Simply washing your face isn't enough. You should wash your skin consciously with a cleanser as your day ends. Even if you apply makeup, it's advisable that you must remove it before sleeping. After all, you'll get the desired results only when you keep your skin clean and pores intact. There's dust, pollutants from the air and other kinds of dirt that settle on your face in the span of the entire day. So, you've got to clean it up every night and sleep peacefully. However, many people feel that there's no need to follow the protocol when you've stayed at home. But that's not right. Dr Jaishree Sharad throws some light and talks about the same in her Instagram video.      

Discussing whether you must use a cleanser at bedtime despite staying indoors all day, Dr Jaishree says that the process is extremely important. Even if you stay indoors, you have dust settling on your face, grime as well as sweat salts on your skin. Apart from this, the skin produces some oil (from certain oil glands) that also gets accumulated on top. Also, while working in the kitchen, sometimes, soot also ends up affecting your skin. Dr Jaishree states that these things may still elongate your pours which isn't a good sign. You may get whiteheads, blackheads, milia or folliculitis or sometimes, even allergic reactions if you don't clean your face diligently. So, don't forget to do that however tired you may be, she says.

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Not just the cleanser, Dr Jaishree Sharad is a strong advocate for the other two skincare products as well – moisturizer and sunscreen. According to her, these two go a long way in keeping your skin healthy. On top of that, these products also carry anti-ageing properties. People with all skin types and all age groups must use moisturiser and sunscreen. She mentions that the work of a moisturiser includes keeping your skin hydrated and protecting it. It also heals the skin and initiates the rebuilding of the damaged skin barriers. Overall, it nourishes your skin properly. Sunscreen, on the other hand, makes a protective shell on your skin with the purpose to keep it safe from harmful sunrays.  

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Follow the instructions by Dr Jaishree Sharad and keep your skin healthy and glowing.


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