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Do You Know Protein Intake Is Related To Your Cravings? Here’s What Nmami Agarwal Says

According to Nmami, the protein in your meal helps you in various ways.

Do You Know Protein Intake Is Related To Your Cravings? Here’s What Nmami Agarwal Says

It is ideal to eat healthy foods as snacks instead of unhealthy foods

Your body needs protein to stay healthy and function in the proper manner. Right from playing a significant role in increasing muscle mass and strength to making antibodies to fight off infections, protein is a much-needed requirement by the body. However, do you know that protein is also related to the food cravings you get? Well, yes, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal shares a video on Instagram stating the co-relation between protein and cravings. She states that having protein-rich food items can help you deal with cravings better by curbing hunger pangs. So, just in case, you are curious to know how these two things are connected, do refer to the video by the nutritionist.   

Nmami states that you eat enough amount of protein to prevent the deficiency but consuming portions, which are more than just the required amount, of protein can do magic to your health and help you in many ways.

According to Nmami Agarwal, the protein in your meal helps you in these ways:

1) Protein in your meal reduces the hunger hormone - ghrelin.

2) Also, protein boosts peptide hormone that makes you feel full. Thus, reduce unnecessary hunger pangs that keep troubling you every now and then. So, she suggests that you must eat enough amount of protein in your diet.

As a concluding note, Nmami says, “You just don't have to prevent the protein deficiency but also reduce hunger, cravings and late-night snacking.”

Take a look:

For all those who have 9-5 desk jobs, Nmami Agarwal suggests a perfect diet structure. When you wake up, try to have a handful of nuts right before breakfast. The idea is to break the fast between sleeping and waking up. For breakfast, you can chomp on food items like idli sambhar, besan chilla, or an omelette with toast. These are all loaded with carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Then, the nutritionist says you must opt for a mid-morning snack. To avoid long gaps between meals, mid-morning snacks help. You can either have some fruits or grab a glass of buttermilk. Then, your lunch should include roti, dal (pulses) sabzi (vegetables), raita (curd), and rice.

You often tend to munch on unhealthy food items during the evening. So, to avoid unhealthy eating practices, you can go for roasted chana, roasted makhana, and hummus with vegetable sticks or fruits to curb the hunger pangs. Nmami states that your dinner should be light. For vegetarians, roti, sabzi and dal should be fine and for non-vegetarians, chicken with vegetables is a good option.   

Stay healthy and stay fit.

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