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Do You Have A Gut Issue Or Not? Read This To Know How To Decide

A look at some signs that indicate that you may have a gut issue

Do You Have A Gut Issue Or Not? Read This To Know How To Decide

Poor gut health can affect physical as well as mental health

Your gut happens to be an integral part of your entire system. So, to keep your gut in a good state, you must include healthy food items into your diet, drink plenty of water and basically, embrace a healthy lifestyle. If you go wrong in taking care of any of these aspects of your life, you may start facing an array of issues like food poisoning, diarrhoea, acidity, bloating, and whatnot. So, if you do witness any of these issues and feel like there's something wrong with your gut, you must see a post by nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary. She lists various signs indicating gut issues and discusses a few important points regarding gut.    

According to the nutritionist, these are the symptoms to confirm if you have a bad gut:

1) Constant gas

2) Bloating and burping

3) Constipation

4) Loosies

But Rashi states that a bad gut can also be a root cause of all of these:

1) Anxiety and depression

2) Acne dermatitis, Psoriasis

3) Poor immunity

In the caption, Rashi writes the following points about the gut:

1) The nutritionist says that your gut is not just related to the process of digestion but it also has a strong connection with your immunity. Not just that but it's also responsible for how happy you can be due to the serotonin production, your skin issues, decreasing levels of hormones, and even your weight since it controls the production of your appetite and satiety hormones.

2) You must know that your gut has its own nervous system. Hence, it is also known as the second brain. Your gut also nurtures the sense of who we really are.

3) Your gut, mainly the intestines, is the home for most of your microbiome (although you have a microbiome everywhere). And if there is an imbalance in the production of these bacteria (which means you have more bad bacteria than the good ones), it's an indication that you may have “dysbiosis.”

Take a look:

You must take care of your gut health. So, be mindful of your food choices and follow healthy eating habits.

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