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How Does Smoking Delay Skin Wound Healing?

Got hurt? Got a burn injury? Check if you smoke. Habit of smoking delays wound healing and even causes serious issues to your health. It is important to quit smoking now!

How Does Smoking Delay Skin Wound Healing?

Smoking is injurious to health

Did you know that your wounds have a link with your habit of smoking? The human body has its own immune system that helps in healing wounds. But what comes as a barricade is smoking. When you smoke, the blood vessels become smaller and they find it difficult to carry oxygen and healing factors to the injured region. Thus, smoking delays wound healing. This feature is dedicated to understand the effects of smoking on healing and what is the best solution. Keep going.

Smoking effects

  • Smoking causes infections in the wounded area
  • Least probability of successful skin grafting
  • Smoking causes blood clots near the wounded area
  • Smoking may make all the stitches come apart
  • Smoking adds mucus in lungs which leads to frequent colds and pneumonia
  • Smoking reduces the Vitamin C in human body which is responsible for wound recovery

There are some more serious effects of smoking and they may severely affect you overall:

1. Deprivation from oxygen in the body

Your body's abilities to recover from wounds and injuries depend on oxygen. Supply of oxygen permits the repair and rebuilding of cells. This works like niche for skin tissue redevelopment. Habit of smoking decreases the supply of oxygen to the affected region.

2. Weakening of the immune system

Strong immunity system is essential for recovery but smoking weakens the system. Smoking affects the antibodies and cells, which defend your body against any outside bacteria.

If there is any one solution to this issue, then it is - quit smoking now!

It is not too late to reverse the habit and lead a life free of nicotine. As you quit smoking, you are able to improve your ability to keep infections at bay. At the same time, it may reduce possibility of developing cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other life-threatening problems. In case you are addicted to smoking then you should take therapy or counselling sessions. Speak to your doctor and share your issues, and get over smoking for your own health.

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