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From Haldi Doodh To Turmeric Latte, Here Are The Health Benefits Of This Golden Drink

Turmeric milk or Haldi Dudh or the Golden drink, is known for its healing and soothing qualities. Here's a guide to the many health benefits of this super drink and a perfect guide for its preparation.

From Haldi Doodh To Turmeric Latte, Here Are The Health Benefits Of This Golden Drink

Health benefits of turmeric milk (haldi dudh)


  1. Turmeric milk is synonymous to health benefits
  2. Haldi dudh is a very helpful drink for people suffering from joint pain
  3. Anti-inflammatory qualities may give stomach ulcers to pregnant women

With a colour so vivid, this drink doesn't require an Instagram filter! Yes we're talking about our very own Haldi dudh or how it is referred to in the western nations, Turmeric latte.

Remember how you would come home with a little scratch on your knee or elbow and your mother would bring you a tall glass of warm turmeric milk, or as mom used to call it, 'Haldi dudh'. Figuratively, turmeric milk is synonymous to health benefits. Turmeric in itself is blessed with a whole lot of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities and when combined with milk, it becomes a healing drink for external and internal ailments.

And guess what, our Haldi dudh has now gained rage in the west where it is now being hailed as Turmeric Latte, miracle of health benefits. With The Guardian terming it 'a drink for fit Midas', this drink has been recognized for its health benefits globally. Our very own slice of wisdom is now tasted and attested across the globe and we're glad about it.

In addition to being prepared in western households, Turmeric milk has also been included in the menus of a number of coffee chains as well. Of course it is not the authentic recipe. But what's the benefit of it if the recipe is not how Ayurveda has it.

So here's a guide to the authentic Ayurvedic technique of preparing Turmeric milk (Haldi Dudh).

1. Take a turmeric stick, one-inch long would do. Remember, crushed turmeric is never as effective as turmeric sticks. Now crush this stick coarsely.

2. Now crush a few white peppercorns too.

3. Now mix one cup of water with one cup of milk and add crushed turmeric and peppercorn to it. Bring it to a boil.

4. Now simmer gas and let it cook for 20 minutes. By now milk will reduce to just one cup quantity. If you do not mix water and milk, you will end up with a dark yellow drink thick like kheer. It won't be as soothing anyhow.

5. Remove the drink from the stove and filter it to remove the chunks of turmeric and peppercorns left. Add a spoonful of honey or some palm sugar and enjoy the golden drink. If you are suffering from a sore throat or have cold, add two spoons of ghee to it and drink it.

Now that your glass of Haldi Dudh is ready, let's explore the many health benefits of this drink.

1. Turmeric milk is not just a healing drink, but an effective lotion and face mask too. Guess what? Priyanka Chopra swears by the beauty benefits of the same when she sang a song at Oscars 2017 in praise of the spice.

2. Milk is known to strengthen bones. When combined with turmeric, it offers a whole lot of health benefits for people suffering from bone disorders like arthritis. It is a very helpful drink for people suffering from joint pain.

3. When combined, both milk and turmeric provide your skin with that glow and elasticity that make your skin look great and young.

4. If you are suffering from cold and a sore throat, prepare a glass of turmeric milk and have it when warm with two teaspoons of ghee added to it.

5. Turmeric milk is a general detox drink for your body. Drinking turmeric milk regularly can detox your liver.

6. Haldi dudh can also treat diarrhea and indigestion. Make sure that you use low-fat milk as high-fat milk can make diarrhea worse.

A word of caution: Mums-to-be, turmeric milk is not for you, the anti-inflammatory qualities may give you stomach ulcers.

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So how would you like to have your turmeric milk now, as Desi Haldi Dudh or wait for a foreign coffee chain to introduce it as Turmeric Latte!


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