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Here's How Salman Khan Keeps His Health Quotient High Even At 52!

Happy Birthday Salman Khan!


Salman Khan celebrates his 52nd birthday today


  1. Salman Khan is shooting for his upcoming movie Race 3
  2. Salmans workout regime is a two-body-parts-a-day plan
  3. The last thing Salman would do to himself is feed on something unhealthy

Sultan turns 52 today but it is still so hard to believe! Yes, our very own Salman Khan, the fitness icon of the country celebrates his 52nd birthday today but the surprising part is he still looks like he is in his late 20s. And all this is attributed to his dedication towards fitness. Where fans are all set to celebrate his birthday, the Bhaijaan of Bollywood is busy shooting for his upcoming movie Race 3, set to hit the theatres on Eid 2018. Why so amazing Salman!

But apart from all the things that our Sultan is known for, there is one particular thing about him which his fans always look up. Yes, it is his fitness goals!

We saw him shirtless during the 90s when danced to 'O O jaane jaana' and since then he has been stealing hearts with his perfect looks. It's been 20 years and our Sultan continues to maintain a breathtaking physique even today. But how does he do that? Let's find out.

Salman's workout regime

When thinking about his physique and perfect abs, the only question that one can think of is, 'How does he maintain those perfect abs?". Hint: It is not steroids!

Yes, if you thought Salman is all about supplements and steroids, you are mistaken. Instead, his perfect looks are attributed to three things, that is, intense workout, controlled and balanced diet and dedication.

salman khan

Photo Credit: NDTV Entertainment 

Salman's workout regime is a two-body-parts-a-day plan, which is the best option recommended for everyone who wishes to the perfect body the natural way. Here's how Salman works out:

1. For the first day, he works on chest and triceps

2. Second day is for back and biceps

3. The third day is for low Intensity Steady State Cardio and a number of other exercises to lose weight and keep the muscles charged

4. Day four is for shoulders and traps

5. Day five is for legs and abs

Salman performs 2000 push-ups and 500 crunches, which is not recommended for beginners as it is intensive workout, stamina for which can be built overtime.

All these days are well-planned by an expert trainer and include advanced bodybuilding technique named drop sets. But it does not end here. With a workout regime as amazing as this, Salman follows a strict diet plan to meet all his nutritional needs and get enough energy for his workout sessions.

salman khan

Photo Credit: NDTV Entertainment 

What our Sultan eats...

Salman says that workout and diet are both equally important. You can't demean either of the two. The very first step towards a healthy and balanced diet is cutting down on sugary and processed foods completely. The last thing Salman would do to himself is feed on something unhealthy, says his trainer.

So here's an insight into his diet plan:

1. For breakfast, Salman takes four egg whites with milk.

2. For lunch, he takes five rotis and grilled vegetables along with salad.

3. As far as snacking is concerned, Salman does not go beyond protein bars and nuts.

4. Salman keeps his dinner light, only two egg whites, fish/chicken and soup.

5. Pre-workout meal includes two egg whites and protein shake.

6. Post-workout meal includes oats, protein bar, two egg whites and almonds.

So this is what keeps our Sultan young and desirable as always and we couldn't be any less inspired...

Happy Birthday Salman Khan!


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