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Here's How Blue Light Exposure Affects Your Sleep

Poor sleep schedule is linked with several health conditions. It is important to ensure good quantity and quality of sleep. Exposure to blue light in the evening may affect your sleep. Read here to know how.

Heres How Blue Light Exposure Affects Your Sleep

Inadequate sleep is linked with several health conditions


  1. Too much use of mobile phones is harmful to your eyes
  2. Exposure to blue light is harmful in excess is harmful
  3. Do not allow gadgets to your kids' bedroom

Proper sleep plays an important role in maintaining overall health. But many experience disturbed sleeping patterns due to several factors. Inadequate sleep can put you at a higher risk of several diseases and also make you gain weight. It can make you feel lethargic the next day as well. To ensure a healthy sleeping pattern, it is important to find what leads to sleeplessness. You might have heard this several times that you should reduce the use of gadgets before bed as well as throughout the day. But many are not aware of the fact that blue light from these gadgets is not just harmful to your eyes. It can affect your sleep cycle as well. Here's the link between blue light and sleep patterns.

Blue light effect on sleep

According to a study, excessive use of gadgets before bed negatively affects your sleep and may lead to fatigue and nausea.

Too much exposure to blue light before sleep can reduce both the quality and quantity of sleep. At night, your body secrets the hormone melatonin which helps you sleep. But too much exposure to blue light restricts the production of melatonin. Therefore, experts often advise restricting the use of gadgets before bed.


Avoid using gadgets before bed for better sleep
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How to reduce blue light exposure before bed?

Several ways can help you reduce exposure and the harmful effects of blue light from devices. Several applications on your phone can help you reduce blue light intensity.

You should set an alarm that can remind you to discontinue the use of gadgets and sleep on time.

Also when using the phone in the evening and night, dim the brightness of your device or use dark mode which puts less stress on your eyes.

You should also reduce the use of gadgets during the day. It helps you ensure optimal eye health as well prevents other conditions like text neck.

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