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Most Important Factors To Keep In Mind While You Are Trying To Lose Weight

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares tips to optimise your weight-loss plan, and make it long-term and sustainable

Most Important Factors To Keep In Mind While You Are Trying To Lose Weight

Your weight loss should be long-lasting and permanent

There are several indicators of health, and one of them is weight. As a result, many people seeking to improve their health set weight loss as a goal. There are various advantages to losing a few kilos, including improved blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, and a lower chance of chronic disease. Even though you have heard that a healthy diet and regular exercise will help you lose weight, it's easier said than done. Even harder is to maintain a healthy weight. So, what's the best way to lose weight and keep it off in the long run?

According to nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, you should assess yourself based on certain criteria and devise a long-term weight-loss strategy. Your weight loss should be long-lasting and permanent. Instead of relying on fad diets, she mentioned on Instagram a few factors that a person must take into consideration.

1) Fitness test

The first stage in a weight-loss journey, according to Rujuta, is to take a fitness test. This exam determines your flexibility, stamina, stability, and strength levels. It also aids in determining the extent of improvement. She claims that the test is simple and can be done at home. If you notice a difference in your fitness levels (such as sit and reach, squats, and so on), you're on the right track.

2) Waist-to-hip ratio

The waist-to-hip ratio is a type of measurement used to determine how much weight you've acquired and how it's affecting your physique. According to the nutritionist, this will offer you a fair picture of where your health is starting from.

3) Subjective measurements

This refers to how your body reacts in everyday situations. This is all about examining your emotions, feelings, hair, skin, and other bodily functions. You're on the right road if you notice improvements in your subjective measurements and daily living while decreasing weight. You must begin to investigate these issues for yourself.

4) Blood reports for cholesterol / diabetes

If you're trying to lose weight, keep in mind that you can't ignore your medical issues. People lose weight for a variety of reasons, including those that are related to health. As a result, take that into consideration.

5) Body weight

We often unintentionally see ourselves solely in terms of numbers (weight) and fail to consider other factors. So, when it comes to losing weight, think big. This is because when you establish big plans, you'll start making long-term lifestyle adjustments.

In the caption, Rujuta mentioned, “Do not give more weightage to weight loss and ignore the above factors. This will ensure you are on the path to sustainable health and yes, also weight loss.”

Here's her post:

So, if you are planning to lose weight or have already started the process, consider these factors closely.

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