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To Have A Better Relationship With Food, Develop These Habits And Start Following Them On A Daily Basis

Here are 10 healthy habits to ensure that you feel in control around food

To Have A Better Relationship With Food, Develop These Habits And Start Following Them On A Daily Basis

Healthy eating isn't as complicated as it seems

Your nutrition has a big impact on how healthy you are on the inside. However, many of us make mistakes when it comes to food. Either we end up binge-eating on a regular basis, or don't prioritise food in the midst of our busy schedules. Some people believe in fad diets and starve themselves to lose weight quickly. All these things will only harm your relationship with food. So, to stay fit and fine, you must create some healthy eating habits. Nutritionist Lovneet Batra, on her Instagram page ‘Nutrition by Lovneet' identified the 10 habits to feel in control around food.

The caption states, “Healthy eating isn't as complicated as it seem,” and goes on to add that along with healthy and consistent routines, people must develop some great habits to have a healthier connection with food.

People also must stop making extreme diet rules that don't make sense for them or their lives.

Here are the 10 habits to feel in control around food:

1) Eat consistent meals, and ensure that the gaps between meals are not very long.

2) Acknowledge your feelings and eat accordingly when you're hungry; do not starve.

3) Prioritise meals loaded with protein and fibre instead of unhealthy junk food.

4) Focus on what you can add to your healthy diet instead of spending too much time thinking about what to cut out.

5) Don't be afraid of convenience.

6) Give the food all your attention.

7) Slow down.

8) Check when you are full.

9) Enjoy every bite, guilt-free.

10) Practice moving on after every meal.

Here's the post:

An earlier post on the same Instagram page had highlighted the possible causes of constipation. The reasons ranged from a low fibre diet to a sedentary lifestyle, dehydration to high consumption of dairy products and processed food items. At times, even overuse of painkillers, antacids, and iron supplements may lead to constipation. Apart from that, issues with the nerves or muscles of the digestive system may also aggravate constipation. Read more about it here.

Coming back to the eating habits, make them part of your daily goals for overall wellness and health.

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