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Have You Ever Heard About The Thonon Diet? All You Need To Know And Tips

The Thonon diet suggests eating low-calorie and high-protein food for 2 weeks, followed by a stabilisation phase.

Have You Ever Heard About The Thonon Diet? All You Need To Know And Tips

Thonon diet can help you lose weight in just 2 weeks


  1. Thonon diet can get very monotonous
  2. Stabilisation phase is important to avoid regain of lost weight
  3. Consumption of dietary fibre as part of the diet prevents constipation

Of the many diet plans that are available online, Thonon diet is the one which is quite restrictive in nature and gives quick results. The diet is to be followed for a period of 14 days. In these 14 days, one needs to consume a low-calorie and high-protein diet. While the diet is proved to give effective results, it comes with its set of drawbacks. One might feel frustrated by following the Thonon diet since there is very less variety of food.

Diet coach Sapna Puri says that Thonon diet is not a very well-known diet regime. "It offers very quick weight loss, say of about 5 kgs in 2 weeks. But the main disadvantage is that it is very monotonous and involves eating only proteins and that too in very limited quantities. Vegetarians might not benefit from the diet as much as non-vegetarians," she says.

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Thonon diet offers quick weight loss
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As part of the Thonon diet, people are suggested to consume somewhere around 600-800 calories. "Whereas, one must have a minimum of 1200 calories for optimum nutrition," says Sapna while adding that abstaining from alcohol, sugar, salts and fats is important while following Thonon.

"People should take supplements of omega-3 as it can be very beneficial for the Thonon diet," she adds.

Speaking of the foods one can eat while following Thonon, she says that people can start their day by drinking tea or coffee with some milk and small amounts of cereal or bread by the side. In the afternoon, one can opt for a green salad with tomatoes and hard boiled eggs or fish, chicken, cooked carrots or a piece of cheese.

"One has to be careful of consuming only one kind of protein in Thonon," says Sapna.

In evening, people can have only cooked ham with cooked tomatoes and carrots. On some days, one can opt for unlimited fruits and some yogurt. Adding balsamic vinegar and different herbs like oregano, thyme, rosemary etc. can make food more flavoursome.

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Stabilisation phase

The Thonon diet is followed strictly on the basis of a stablisation phase post 14 days of following the diet. Stablisation phase is the second phase of following the Thonon diet and prevents regaining of the lost weight.

The stabilisation phase lasts for 1 week for every 1 kg of weight loss.

Women can chose to consume about 1,200 calories in a day and can go upto 1500 calories in a day if need be. Similarly, men can choose to consume around 1,500 calories in a day or lesser if they feel like.

In the Thonon diet, you need to eat 3 meals in the day -1 each at morning, noon and evening. A very light, low-calorie breakfast is to be consumed along with low-calorie lunch. The food you eat can be totally according to your preference and will.

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Benefits of following the Thonon diet:

1. The Thonon diet can be helpful in achieving significant and quick weight loss.

2. The diet is perfect for people who love salads.

3. If you follow the stabilisation phase, there will be no side effects of following the Thonon diet. The stabilisation phase will also ensure no regain of lost weight.

4. The stabilisation phase prevents any excessive feeling of hunger.

5. The diet suggests intake of dietary fibre, which will keep constipation at bay.

6. To prevent feelings of hunger, the diet recommends eating low-calorie food of choice.

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Drawbacks of Thonon diet:

1. The Thonon diet should not be followed by children, pregnant women and elderly people. Also people with sensitive intestines should avoid Thonon diet.

2. It is important to consult a dietitian before you start to follow the Thonon diet.

3. Quick weight loss in Thonon diet might have a negative impact on your fitness and health quotient.

4. The monotony in the diet can make you feel frustrated and tired of following it.

5. While the diet seems quite short and swift, it feels too long because of the limited variety of foods it includes.

6. Consuming low calorie food can lead to digestive disorders and create disturbances in food learning.

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(Sapna Puri is a city-based diet coach)

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.​


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