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Haircare: Dr. Jaishree Sharad Debunks 4 Most Common Myths About Shampooing

Haircare: Let's discuss the most common myths about shampooing and understand what's the truth.

Haircare: Dr. Jaishree Sharad Debunks 4 Most Common Myths About Shampooing

Haircare: Dr. Sharad suggests that shampoo should be applied from the roots and not just the strands

Shampooing hair is an integral part of all of our's haircare routines. This step is necessary and is performed by everyone. However, a lack of proper knowledge about haircare or the spread of misinformation might lead one to perform this step incorrectly.

In one of her recent Instagram reels, Dr. Jaishree Sharad discusses and debunks some of the most common myths about shampooing hair. Let's discuss these myths and understand what's the truth.

4 most common myths about shampooing debunked:

Myth #1 Changing shampoos will prevent hairfall

“Shampoos are meant to cleanse your scalp. You should change your shampoo according to the scalp condition as in dry or greasy and also the climate. However, changing shampoos will not control hairfall.” Debunks Dr. Sharad.

Myth #2 Daily shampoo will cause hairfall

“If your scalp is exposed to pollution, and dirt or if sweat gets accumulated on your scalp, you need to shampoo your hair daily to keep your hair clean.” Clarifies Dr. Sharad

Myth #3 Sulphate shampoos are bad for hair

Dr. Sharad explains, “Sulphate is a cleansing agent which helps to clean the dirt and oil from the scalp. Depending upon your hair type shampoo should be chosen. Sulphate in shampoo may not suit certain hair types. Pls, consult your dermatologist before using it.”

Myth #4 Shampoo should be applied to hair strands

“Shampoo should be applied on the scalp rather than your hair strands as it is meant to get rid of dirt, grime, sweat salts, oil, and dead skin build-up.” Explains Dr. Sharad.

Take a look:

Avoid falling for misinformed and incorrect facts when it comes to hairfall. If you are facing severe hair-related issues, it is best to see a professional.

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