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Hair Greying: 10 Tips To Prevent Premature Greying Of Hair By Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee

Hair Greying: These 10 tips can help prevent and slow down greying of hair and further improve our hair health.

Hair Greying: 10 Tips To Prevent Premature Greying Of Hair By Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee

Hair Greying: Massaging improves blood circulation to the scalp and reduces hair greying

“Premature graying of hair is an important cause of low self-esteem. It occurs in varying degrees in Individuals depending on chronological aging, oxidative stress, antioxidant intake, genetics, diet & lifestyle, and exposure to stress or ability to deal with stress.” says nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee.

Try these tips to maintain healthy hair and delay premature greying:

1. “Take sufficient antioxidants”

Antioxidants help heal our cells. This helps replenish our bodies and promotes longevity and slows down ageing. “In the natural form as in vegetable and fruit juices, and in the synthetic form by taking supplements.” Suggests nutritionist Mukerjee.

2. “Increase your protein intake.”

Since protein is a component of hair, eating a diet high in protein is essential for maintaining strong, healthy hair. Your hair may become dry, brittle, and weak if you don't get enough protein in your diet. “Protein It gives your hair a natural shine and good texture.” She mentions.

3. “Take care of your scalp”

A healthy scalp means healthy hair. Eating foods that improve and maintain the health of our bodies and scalp improves and slows down greying of hair. Nutritionist Mukerjee suggests, “Include dark green vegetables and orange & yellow fruits & vegetables in your diet.”

4. “Include more minerals in your diet”

“Have foods rich in zinc, iron, and copper.” Writes Mukerjee. Minerals similar to other nutrients, help improve our hair health and also improve our overall health. Foods rich in these minerals are cabbage, lettuce, spinach, nuts, eggs, and so on.

5. "Avoid foods loaded with artificial colors and preservatives.”

“They put a strain on your digestive system.” Mentions Mukerjee. Any strain on our different bodily functions or systems also has an impact on the other functions in the body.

6. “Avoid commercially processed hair dye.”

Hair dye can be drying and damaging to our hair. In fact, it might worsen pre-existing hair problems. Nutritionist Mukerjee suggests instead, “Try some natural nourishing hair masks.” Homemade masks can be nourishing and repairing.

7. “Use products that are gentle”

Further elaborates Mukerjee, “without any harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate.” Harsh chemicals that are often added to hair products can worsen our hair health in the long run. It is ideal to use nourishing and gentle hair products.

8. “Massage your hair with your fingertips”

She explains, “It helps proper blood circulation in the scalp.” Massaging hair with hair oils is popular in southern Asia and many other parts of the world. That is because it provides better blood circulation and nutrients to our scalp.

9. “Exercise regularly”

Exercising provides us with endless benefits. Among these benefits are benefits provided to our hair. “It promotes proper blood circulation to hair follicles.” she mentions.

10. “A low serum copper concentration plays a role in graying of hair”

Copper plays role in the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for the colour of the hair. Numerous studies have demonstrated the connection between copper levels and hair ageing.

Take a look at her Instagram post:

Keep these things in mind if you want to slow down hair ageing.

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