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Hair Fall In Women: Here's A List Of Top 5 Possible Reasons

Hair fall causes: Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, increased pollution, too much stress or poor hair care routine are some possible reasons behind unexpected hair fall. Read here to know some effective tips to deal with it.

Hair Fall In Women: Heres A List Of Top 5 Possible Reasons

Hair fall: Excessive hair styling may be the reason why you are experiencing unexpected hair loss


  1. Increased pollution can lead to hair fall
  2. A healthy diet can help in preventing unexpected hair loss
  3. Add more iron to your diet to deal with hair fall effectively

Struggling with hair fall? It surely can be a very stressful condition for many. There are several products in the market which promise hair fall control. But they may not show effective results as you need to address the root cause of hair fall. Finding the cause of unexpected hair fall will help you treat it effectively. From poor lifestyle to stress, there are several factors which can contribute to hair fall. Poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, increased pollution, too much stress or poor hair care routine are some possible reasons behind hair loss. Most women are not aware of the actual reason behind their hair fall. This can make the situation worse. Here are some possible reasons behind hair fall in women.

Hair fall causes: 5 possible reasons every woman must know

1. Iron deficiency

Many women suffer from iron deficiency which can result in anemia. Several factors like malnutrition, heavy bleeding during menstruation or iron deficiency can cause anemia. Low levels of iron in the body can contribute to hair fall as it is essential for hair cell production. Anyone with anemia can also face hair fall.

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2. Dramatic weight loss

Are you trying hard to lose weight and consuming very few calories? Such meals are also nutrient deficient. An insufficient amount of nutrients in your diet can cause hair fall. Also, the stress during weight loss can cause hair fall.


Huge weight can also contribute to hair fall in women
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3. Age

Women at a certain age are more likely to suffer from hair fall. Most experience hair fall during menopause. It is also a result of hormonal changes that the body goes through. Try strategies to fight the symptoms of menopause and stay stress-free.

4. Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism

The thyroid gland plays an important role inside your body. An imbalance can affect your body in various ways including hair fall. Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism should not be left uncontrolled.


Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism should not be left uncontrolled to fight hair fall
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5. Too much styling

Do you love styling your hair? If straightening, curling or perming are a part of your routine, you are more likely to experience hair fall. Use of hair sprays, heat or colour can take a toll on your hair health and result in hair fall.

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