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Hair Care: What Is The Relation Between Zinc Deficiency And Hair Fall? Know The Best Food Sources Of Zinc

Hair fall prevention: Your diet plays a key role in maintaining hair health. Zinc is also extremely necessary for your hair. Here's the relation between zinc deficiency and hair health. Also, know food sources of zinc with other essential nutrients for hair.

Hair Care: What Is The Relation Between Zinc Deficiency And Hair Fall? Know The Best Food Sources Of Zinc

Hair Care Tips: Zinc can help you promote hair health and fight hair fall


  1. Proper diet can help you fight hair fall
  2. Zinc can also help you fight hair problems
  3. You can add food sources of zinc to your diet

Struggling with hair fall? Hair fall can affect both men and women. Many factors are responsible for hair fall like poor hair care routine, increased pollution and many more. You might be trying the best products to fight hair fall. Some unknown factors can affect your hair health and contribute to hair fall. Your diet also affects your hair health. Multiple nutrients promote hair health which should be a part of your diet. Zinc is also essential for your hair health. Zinc promotes the health of hair tissues and repairs hair tissues. Zinc should be a part of your diet to boost hair health. Zinc deficiency is also linked with hair fall. Here's the relation between the two.

Hair fall prevention: What is the relation between zinc and hair fall?

Chief Nutritionist, Soumita Biswas explains, "Hair loss is considered a common problem. Well, proper nutrition and a balanced diet play important role in hair growth. It has shown that zinc therapy significantly increases both the size of the sebaceous gland and cell proliferation which leads to hair growth. But too high dose of zinc supplementation can contribute to hair loss. Hence always better to choose dietary sources of zinc-rich foods such as fish, oyster, spinach, wheat germ, lentils and seeds including pumpkin and chia seeds. So, it can be concluded that zinc can improve immune function, cell division, cell growth and development and hair growth too."


Hair fall: Nuts are rich in zinc which can help you deal with hair fall
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Food sources of zinc

Food sources of zinc can help manage hair fall. You can add foods high in zinc to your diet like- legumes, hemp seeds, flax seeds, nuts, shellfish, whole grains, eggs, dairy products and dark chocolate.

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Other essential nutrients for better hair health

Making certain changes in your diet can help you boost hair health and fight hair fall. You can add some essential nutrients which can try may include-

1. Iron

Iron deficiency is strongly linked with hair fall. It causes anemia which results in hair fall. Adding foods high in iron can help you deal with hair fall. Some foods rich in iron include- spinach, legumes, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, tofu and broccoli.


Hair health: Iron is also responsible for better hair health
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2. Protein

Protein is another essential nutrient for your health. Your protein intake also affects your hair health. Consuming enough protein can help in hair growth. Some dietary sources of protein that you must add to your diet are- cottage cheese, tofu, broccoli, quinoa, lentils, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, almonds and eggs.

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(Soumita Biswas, Chief Nutritionist, Aster RV Hospital)

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