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Get Your Pre-Workout Meal Right; Rujuta Diwekar Explains How

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shares details on the importance of pre-workout meals in an Instagram video.

Get Your Pre-Workout Meal Right; Rujuta Diwekar Explains How

Having pre-workout meals will help you in the following ways

We all are aware of the importance of incorporating a workout routine in our lives. Regular workouts play a major role in our health as well as mental well-being. However, do you know that if your workout technique is wrong, it can cause damage than help? That's what nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has outlined in an Instagram video. She shared a clip on the importance of pre-workout meals. In the video, Rujuta elaborated on the pros and cons of having meals before exercising. She stated that having pre-workout meals will help you in the following ways:

1) Providing fuel to muscles

When you exercise, your muscles need fuel for the workout. This fuel is obtained from the food you eat. So, have something healthy before working out.

2) Optimum calorie burning

If you have adequate fuel in the body, then you can burn the maximum amount of calories while working out. If your body doesn't have fuel, no matter how much willpower you put in, you'll not be able to exercise properly.

3) Injury prevention

But when you suddenly start working out in full swing, something may go wrong. You may end up getting injured or cramping your muscles. So, to prevent that, you should have fuel (food) in your body.

Rujuta Diwekar also stated the following dos and don'ts of exercising:

1) Dos

- Have a fruit (can also have dry fruits or nuts) 10-15 mins before exercising.

- If you've had a small meal (like poha, idli, upma or a paratha), make sure you take a 60-minute gap before exercising.

- If you have had a full-fledged and heavy meal, don't exercise before 90 minutes at least.

2) Don'ts

- Never exercise on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat something before you start working out.

- Never exercise after having only tea or coffee. If you are completely dependent on coffee, know that it's a dehydrating agent.

Watch the entire video here:

So, next time before hitting the gym, keep in mind what to eat and when to eat.

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