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Health Benefits Of Fasting You Didn't Know

Fasting is to willingly devoid your body of food and thus prevent excessive calorie intake. Fasting can boost your mind and your body.

Health Benefits Of Fasting You Didnt Know

Fasting is an amazing treatment for your body

There are numerous evidences which prove that fasting is a healthy state to put your body in. It is not just a religious act but since ancient times has been used to promote a healthy lifestyle. Fasting is to willingly devoid your body of food and thus prevent excessive calorie intake. It is an intoxicating process which can boost your mind and your body. It also promotes healthy eating habits and boosts your immunity. Read below to find how amazingly can fasting help your body.

Weight loss - With fasting your leptin level drops, the hormone which makes you feel full. Initially you will not feel satiated but as you lose weight, you decrease leptin resistance. Your body will not get the calories for sometimes and even though it will be tough, you will eventually feel its effects on your fat.

Brain function - Fasting has been known to be very effective in improving one's brain function, majorly because it boosts the production of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF.) Plus, you will also get to control your urges to eat and will eventually increase your will power.

Insulin sensitivity - Because we are not giving our body any strong dosage of sugar during fasting, and thus the body secretes less insulin. Lower levels of this hormone in our blood stream leads to an increased sensitivity in those with insulin resistance. Fasting also improves one's immunity system.

Lowers blood pressure - The lack of diet, has been known in helping lower the blood pressure of several patients. Due to less consumption of salt the blood pressure maintains a stable level. It also lowers the blood sugar level it drops over 30%, a significant perk to anyone with hyperglycaemia.


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