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Festive Season: How To Avoid Overeating During Festive Season

In this article, we discuss tips to help you avoid overeating this time around.

Festive Season: How To Avoid Overeating During Festive Season

Festive Season: Incorporate healthy foods to your diet to create a healthy balance

Despite the delectable dishes on the festive dinner table, pace yourself this season to give your heart a break. Short-term heartburn from overeating can develop into long-term obesity and an unhealthful weight increase.

Being overweight raises the risk of illnesses and diseases including stroke, osteoarthritis, depression, and anxiety, in addition to diabetes and heart disease. Hence, it is important to keep in check what and how much festive treat you consume as the season is approaching. In this article, we discuss tips to help you avoid overeating this time around.

Here's how you can avoid overeating this festive season:

1. Eat slowly

It takes the brain around 20 minutes to register that your stomach is full. You can consume far more food than your body actually requires if you continue to eat during this period. To avoid overeating, eat slowly, chew your meal thoroughly, and put your fork down in between bites.

2. Follow a routine

The easiest method to prevent holiday gluttony is to follow a rigorous diet and exercise plan, eat the same meals at the same time every day, and not stray too far from that schedule. It's a terrific suggestion for sustaining a heart-healthy diet year-round as well. Try to stay as consistent with your usual routine as you can. Eat a nutritious breakfast when you awaken, for instance, and carry a snack with you to consume before the major holiday dinner.

3. Only eat what you want

It's crucial to feel in control of your eating while yet enjoying food. Going for the things you truly want to eat but passing on others is a wonderful approach to controlling your appetite. Then, savour and completely appreciate the foods you love. We frequently look for that gratifying sensation when we eat, so if we're not especially loving the taste of something or are eating it mindlessly, we can keep eating until we discover something that does, leading to overeating.

4. Don't keep unhealthy foods on display

Visual signals for meals are powerful. Food that is nearby or in plain sight is a significant overeating trigger. You might also decide to stay under a specific budget and then take the time to appreciate and enjoy what you have. Put the food somewhere else if you can, so you have to go get it to eat it, and then don't go back for more.

5. Don't rely on post-season weight loss/ detox

After the holidays, weight reduction plans might seem like a "saviour," offering individuals a justification for overindulging throughout the holidays and even most of the year. A person may feel encouraged to overeat throughout the holiday season if they believe they will "fix" all of their holiday overeating and weight gain with a restricted diet in January. This is because they will resume their diet after the new year.

6. Eat healthy along with unhealthy

Fruits and vegetables may help fill you up with fewer calories and help balance out fatty, rich flavours by adding bulk to meals and snacks. Additionally, it can support our regularity. Fibre aids in feeding the "good" bacteria in the gut, and a balanced microbiome in the gut is crucial for immunity.

Follow these tips to keep your health in check this festive season.

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