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Early Signs Of Stroke You Should Know Even If You're Young

A stroke is a serious health condition which needs urgent medical care. The symptoms of stroke should not be ignored to avoid severe complications. Here are some of the symptoms of stroke which should not be ignored.



  1. One can discover changes in face, arms and speech before a stroke
  2. A stroke needs urgent treatment on the right time
  3. One can also experience difficulty in breathing, irritation and more

Stroke is a serious health condition during the brain does not receive blood. The flow of the blood stops and does not reach the brain which leads to the death of brain cells. It can lead to brain damage and even death. Stroke requires urgent treatment to save the patient. For better treatment, it is necessary to understand the symptoms of a stroke. Better knowledge about the symptoms of stroke will make it easier for the patient to seek treatment. Not just elders, the risk of stroke is increasing in young adults as well. There are various factors like obesity, poor cholesterol levels, use of alcohol or drugs which can contribute to a higher risk of stroke in teenagers. Therefore it is necessary to ditch these habits which can cause severe complications. Along with this, everyone must understand the early symptoms of stroke to control it on time.

Early symptoms of stroke

A stroke is quite sudden. The symptoms of a stroke are described by the FAST test. It is a quick test to check the most common symptoms of a stroke.

F- Face

In the fast, the smile of the patient is noticed. A droop or an uneven smile is a sign of stroke. It is a drop in one side of the face.

A- Arms

To check the arms you need to ask the person to raise both the arms of one of them drops then it is also a sign of stroke. If not dropping the arm would be unsteady. This is due to numbness or weakness in the arms which is a symptom of stroke.

S- Speech

To be sure say a small sentence and ask the person to repeat it. If you notice slurred or strange speech it is a sign of stroke.

T- Time

Time plays a crucial role during a stroke. If you notice any of these symptoms then immediately call the ambulance for help. It is time to act fast at that moment.


During a stroke the patient should be immediately rushed to the hospital
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Other symptoms of stroke

Other than these there are other symptoms of stroke which one should watch out for. These may include:

  • Loss of balance and problem in walking
  • Numbness in hands, legs, face on one side
  • Irritation
  • Fainting
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sudden and severe headache
  • Trouble in speaking

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You should never ignore these signs and symptoms of stroke to avoid it from reaching to a stage which cannot be reversed.

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