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Fact Or Fiction? Dr Kiran Sethi Debunks A Few Misconceptions And Myths About PCOS

Dr Kiran Sethi outlines a few common myths related to PCOS in an Instagram post.

Fact Or Fiction? Dr Kiran Sethi Debunks A Few Misconceptions And Myths About PCOS

Women with PCOS have higher levels of androgens

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a hormonal condition that affects many women who fall in the reproductive age group. Some of the most common symptoms of PCOS are irregular menstrual cycle, acne, and infertility. Women with PCOS have higher levels of androgens, which are the male hormones, as well as insulin, a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels. However, like many other conditions, there is a lot of misinformation about PCOS in movies, television, and the internet. Dermatologist Dr Kiran Sethi outlines a few such prevalent PCOS myths and the facts to dispel them in an Instagram post.

1) Myth 1: My period is regular. So, I can't have PCOS

Dr Kiran Sethi says this is false. Unfortunately, many women feel that they won't have PCOS if they are menstruating regularly. She states that PCOS can still show up as other symptoms while your periods can come like clockwork.

2) Myth 2: Only women can have PCOS

Do you also think that PCOS is only for women? Well, Dr Kiran Sethi says this is true and false. In the form that it comes to female bodies, yes, only women experience it. But there's something similar in men where they experience early balding and insulin resistance, she adds.

3) Myth 3: My hormones are normal, so I can't have PCOS

It's true that PCOS is closely linked to hormones in your body. But only believing that you can't have it if your hormones are normal would be wrong. The doctor states that you just need the symptoms above to have PCOS, even if blood tests, ultrasound and periods are normal.

4) Myth 4: PCOS is curable

Dr Kiran Sethi says that PCOS cannot be cured. It's a lifestyle condition and needs permanent and regular monitoring.

5) Myth 5: PCOS means you will never have kids

Dr Kiran Sethi stresses that this belief is completely false. In fact, having PCOS is simply your body telling you to take care of yourself, which you will and you can. Some women may also struggle with fertility but many will not. And, the doctor states that it's manageable so, there's no need to worry about that.

Here's Dr Kiran Sethi's Instagram post:

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Instead of falling for such myths and assumptions, which, in turn, would stand in the way of appropriate health care, it's always wise to consult a doctor and take precautions accordingly.


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