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Do You Know Why Your Dark Circles Are Increasing? Dr Jaishree Sharad Shares Causes And Ways To Treat Them

Dr Jaishree Sharad lists different causes behind dark circles and shares ways to avoid them.

Do You Know Why Your Dark Circles Are Increasing? Dr Jaishree Sharad Shares Causes And Ways To Treat Them

Smoking may cause or worsen dark circles

No one likes dark circles. The dark area developed under your eyes not only hampers your self-esteem but also affects your confidence. Dark circles make you appear unhealthy, dull and tired. Each and every person attempts to look youthful and presentable but dark circles serve as obstacles in the process. Although they do not make for a serious health condition, you still keep searching for ways to get rid of them. Dr Jaishree Sharad shares various causes behind the occurrence and development of dark circles through videos on Instagram. She points out the possible reasons behind the happening and shares how can dark circles be controlled or simply avoided.   

In the video, Dr Jaishree Sharad says, "If you have the dark circles, you need to identify the cause."

She states the following causes of dark circles:


2) Lack of sleeping

3) Smoking

4) Allergies to eye cosmetics

5) Eye allergies

6) Rubbing under-eye skin too often

7) Low haemoglobin

8) Acanthosis nigricans, PCOS, or some hormonal disorders

9) Genetics

So, how can you keep dark circles at bay? Dr Jaishree Sharad shares the following tips to help you out:

1)According to Dr Jaishree, first of all, do not rub your eyes too often. Some people are in the habit of rubbing their eyes repeatedly. Be careful and do not follow this practise.

2) Always keep your eyes moisturised. Wear chic glasses, and protect the skin under your eyes from sun rays. Use a vitamin C or a vitamin K-based cream at night. Just gently dab it every night under your eyes and that should be okay.

3) If you stretch the skin under your eye and you find hyperpigmentation, use under-eyes skin lightening creams, which have arbutin, licorice, etc.

4) If it is hollow under the eyes, then you need to take the help of hyaluronic acid fillers which are extremely safe.

In the end, she states, “Remember, sleep enough, avoid smoking, and identify and treat the cause of dark circles.”

Take a look:

If you really need to dig deeper into knowing more about the causes of dark circles, you can refer to another video by Dr Jaishree Sharad. Elaborating more on the cause part, she says if your dark circles are increasing, there may be some peculiar reasons behind it.

She shares the following reasons behind why you have dark circles and it's getting worse with each passing day:

1)Maybe you are rubbing too often under your eyes:

The health expert says the friction, when you rub your eyes constantly, can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

2)  Smoking

Smoking, vaping or using Juul releases free radicals which may increase dark circles.

3) Not using enough moisturiser or sunscreen

Dr Jaishree says it's very important to apply moisturiser and sunscreen on your face every single day. If you don't use the two, then, you may develop dark circles.

She also often adds that inadequate sleep, stress, low haemoglobin, insulin resistance, allergies to cosmetics, and eye allergies are other reasons for dark circles.

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If you really wish to get rid of the dark circles, do follow these tips. However, consult a skin expert or dermatologist to understand the cause.


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