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Christmas 2019: Smart Tips To Eat Healthy At A Christmas Party

Christmas 2019: The festival of cakes, drinks, cookies and all delicious treats is here. These can make you consume extra calories during Christmas parties. You need to pay a little attention and act smartly to eat healthy at a Christmas party. Here are some tips which might help.

Christmas 2019: Smart Tips To Eat Healthy At A Christmas Party

Christmas 2019: Eat healthy at a Christmas party with these tips


  1. This Christmas avoid eating too many calories
  2. Fill your plate wisely with right ingredients
  3. Do not consume too many calories through drinks

It's the season of jingle bells and all yummy treats. From sweets to delicious desserts Christmas offers you various delicacies. Thus, it becomes difficult to keep away from eating such yummy treats. Be it the yummy Christmas Cake or the mulled wine or the yummy cookies. It's all that makes the season Merry and hence, is difficult to stay away from. Thus, it becomes important to follow certain steps to keep it healthy as much as possible just to avoid going overboard this season. A few steps that can help you keep you healthy and not feeling too filled up during the party season.

Christmas 2019: Tips to eat healthy at a Christmas party

1. Start your day on a healthy note

No matter how your rest of the day will end up being, if you start it on a healthy note, your battle is half won. Try starting your day with a good detox water. It could be anything such as lemon water, apple cider vinegar water etc. Make sure you have a good cleanse up before you begin your eating regimen during the day.


Start your day with lemon water for better detox
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2. Eat a healthy breakfast

Start your day with a plate full of healthy and balanced breakfast comprising of all important nutrients including carbs, proteins, fat and fiber. Include some veggies in your breakfast. Never exclude carbs from your breakfast as they are the basic energy giving food and morning is the perfect time to consume such foods.

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3. Have a good morning snack

The best way to choose a healthy snack in your diet, is to have a fruit every day. Choose a different fruit every day. Avoid having any kind of unhealthy or processed foods in the snack time. You can also have another serving of the detox water to cleanse all the over eating and sugar intake during the festive season.

4. Manage portion control

The best way to do this is by serving half the amount of the desired food intake in your plate and then, remind yourself to stop after you have consumed that half. For example, if you desire having two pieces of bread or one piece of cake, serve yourself one piece of bread or half a piece of cake and tell yourself to stop, once you have consumed this much. Manage your portion sizes even while partying.

5. Hang on to your drinks for longer

It's best to hang on to your drink for much longer to avoid over consumption of alcohol. Since, alcohol is easy calories, it's better to avoid over consumption to feel healthy the next day.


Drinks can add too many calories to your diet
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6. Go high protein

Consume a high protein diet along with drinks. In a party mode, best is to eat foods that are high in protein with your drinks. This is to avoid over consumption of sugar and carbs. Since, all drinks do have calories, its best to avoid consuming a lot of high carb food along with the drinks.

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7. Practice self-control

At the end of the day, the only way to follow a healthy lifestyle is by practicing self-control. Your body is your temple and you must treat it as one. It's your most precious asset and nothing can be more important than your health, not even that piece of cake or that extra glass of wine. So, remind yourself the importance of a healthy body every now and then and stay on top of your health game.

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(Ms. Preety Tyagi is a Nutritionist and founder of MY22BMI)

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