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Can Junk Food Addiction Make You Age Faster? Let's Find Out

Junk food consumption can contribute to several health hazards. It is also linked with fast ageing process. Read here to know the link and other ill-effects of eating junk food.

Can Junk Food Addiction Make You Age Faster? Lets Find Out

Excessive consumption of junk food can increase your body weight


  1. Junk food binge can lead to unhealthy weight gain
  2. Eating junk food can increase the risk of chronic disease
  3. Unhealthy eating can affect your health in several ways

Junk food can be a treat to taste buds for many. But the health hazards linked with the consumption of junk food are enough to motivate you to quit these immediately. But many are addicted to junk food which makes it harder to ditch these. Fast foods are widely consumed by young adults these days. Weight gain is one of the major health hazards that are a result of overconsumption of junk foods. Unhealthy weight alone is a risk factor for several chronic diseases. These foods contain low or no nutritional value and lead to an unhealthy binge. Another health hazard linked with the consumption of too much junk food is ageing. Here's the link between the two.

Junk food consumption and ageing: Know the link

If you are addicted to junk food, you must know that studies suggest that excess consumption of these may accelerate the ageing process. According to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consumption of excess sugar and ultra-processed foods doubles the chances of shortening of telomeres. Decreased telomeres are indicative of a person's biological aging at the cellular level. This means that even though the actual age of the person is very low but the changes occurring in his body are relatively older than they appear. In simple words, a person starts to look older than his/her age.

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Eating junk food can fasten up the ageing process
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Other health hazards linked with eating junk food

  • May lead to dehydration are these are high in refines sugar and empty calories
  • Exposes your body to chemicals and colours
  • Leads to weight gain as junk food is high in salt, sugar and unhealthy fats
  • Increases the risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and more
  • Can contribute to digestive issues on a regular basis
  • May affect your sleeping pattern

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