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Brain: These Yoga Asanas Can Strengthen Our Cognitive Abilities

Here we share a few yoga asanas that can boost your brain health and also share how to perform them.

Brain: These Yoga Asanas Can Strengthen Our Cognitive Abilities

Savasana can help calm the brain and boost our cognitive health

Numerous studies suggest that practicing yoga asanas can strengthen our cognitive abilities and boost brain health. Regular yoga practice can reduce stress and lower cortisol levels, which can have a negative impact on cognitive functioning. By managing stress levels, yoga asanas help improve concentration, memory, and overall cognitive performance.

Yoga involves mindfulness and focuses on being present in the moment. Some studies have also shown that long-term yoga practice can lead to changes in brain structure, including increased grey matter volume in regions related to memory, attention, and emotional regulation. This may contribute to improved cognitive abilities and brain health. Read on as we share a few yoga asanas that can boost your brain health and also share how to perform them.

Yoga asanas that can boost your cognitive abilities:

1. Tadasana

  • Stand straight with your legs at the same distance as your shoulders
  • Lift your hands toward the ceiling
  • Open your palms and stretch as far up as possible
  • At this point, join your hands and entangle them forcing your palms to face the ceiling
  • You are encouraged to look upwards
  • Hold this stretch for 10 seconds and repeat 3-5 times

2. Uttanasana

  • Stand straight
  • Now, slowly bend forward
  • The goal is to place your palms on the floor (folding your body in half)
  • Touching your toes may also be enough if you are unable to bend far enough. As discussed above, this position can be modified. Hence, taking your hands as far toward the floor as they can is adequate and helpful.
  • At this point, your face is supposed to be facing your legs, the top of your head facing the floor
  • Repeat this a few times in small intervals

3. Halasana

  • Lie on your back
  • Place your hands on the side
  • Slowly lift your legs up
  • Continue to bring your legs up while keeping them straight
  • The aim is the carry your legs over your head and be able to place your toes on the ground above the head
  • At this point, you may hold your hand crossing
  • During this position, your back also must lift off the floor
  • Hold this position for 15-20 seconds and release
  • Repeat a few times

4. Sarvangasana

  • In this pose, you require to hold your legs above your head
  • To do so, traditionally, you lay on your back and lift your legs above the ground at a 90-degree angle
  • You further, use your arms to push your legs to lift further
  • At this point, the only body parts touching the ground are your head, arms (from shoulder to elbows), and upper back
  • Your toes are supposed to be facing the sky
  • However, being able to do this asana comfortably takes time and practice. Hence, you can try using the support of a wall to rest your legs at a 90 degrees angle
  • To better perform this asana as a beginner, you can place 1-2 pillows under your lower back to further elevate the body with exterior support

5. Savasana

  • Lie down on flat ground, preferably on a yoga mat
  • Keep your arms aside and your palms open
  • Your palms should be facing the sky
  • Your legs should be slightly farther apart than your shoulders
  • At this point, breathe in and out

Despite these potential benefits, it is important to note that more research is required to fully understand the impact of yoga asanas on cognitive abilities and brain health. Additionally, incorporating a well-rounded approach that includes other brain-boosting activities like a healthy diet, regular exercise, and mental stimulation can provide comprehensive benefits.

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