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Do You Know Ways To Avoid Falling Sick? Anjali Mukerjee Shows The Way

In order to keep various health issues at bay, you need to prepare your body first and make efforts to lead a healthy life.

Do You Know Ways To Avoid Falling Sick? Anjali Mukerjee Shows The Way

Make sure to always have dinner before 7 pm if you get sick often

We all understand the importance of a healthy life. However, sometimes, your unhealthy habits provide a lot of hindrance in the process. Bad habits don't necessarily include making extreme choices that will obviously take a toll on your body but at times, it also includes gorging on junk food every day or simply not taking proper sleep and ultimately, suffering.

Considering the kind of lifestyle that we are leading these days and even the food for that matter, many people end up facing different health issues. However, in order to prevent all this, you've got to be a little strict on yourself and follow certain lifestyle changes that will help you stay fit and fine. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee shares a post on Instagram discussing a few tips to avoid falling sick.     

In the video, she says that you may be disinclined towards making drastic changes in your diet or lifestyle suddenly. So, maybe start at your own pace but take efforts to get better. In the caption, she mentions, "First, focus on healing the body by natural means." 

Anjali shares the following points if you wish to avoid falling sick:

1. Eliminate unhealthy food

Anjali says that the first step to remaining healthy is to eliminate all the food items that are harmful to your health. Stop eating all the wrong foods that you may be consuming including processed food, junk food, and refined or oily food.

2. Detoxification

There are many ways to detoxify. According to the nutritionist, you can start with drinking raw juices. Drinking cabbage juice is a great idea. You can also have beetroot juice, watermelon juice, celery, and tomato juice and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Celery and tomato juice helps in reducing uric acid levels in the body, Anjali adds.

3. Include at least 50 grams of protein in your diet

Make sure you have enough protein in your diet every single day. It's advisable to consume about 50 grams of protein in your diet every single day.

4. Lose weight

Yes, this is a part of your staying healthy plan. You need to lose weight if you are overweight. Maybe, you can do exercise for about half an hour on daily basis or go walking every day.

5. Have dinner before 7 pm

It's nice if you eat your dinner before 7 pm in the evening. This practice will help you in the process of digestion and it will also maintain your sleep cycle.

6. Avoid stress

This is actually the root cause behind many lifestyle-related health issues these days. So, if you want to stay healthy, avoid stress and try to be happy most of the time.    

Take a look:

Prevention is always better than cure and so, now that you know these tips, do take care and stay healthy.

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