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9 Foods And Drinks To Avoid This Summer

What we eat and the weather combined have a huge impact on our health. Here are foods and drinks you should avoid in the hot summer weather.

9 Foods And Drinks To Avoid This Summer

Sodas as well as fried chips are both bad for the body, especially in summer as they are dehydrating

Weather plays an essential role in how our body works. In addition to this, what we eat and drink also impacts how our bodies run. The combination of weather and the right foods for our body act like fuel for us. While on the other hand, consuming foods and drinks that are not fit for the weather can leave us feeling lethargic or irritated without us knowing why.

Here's a list of foods and drinks to avoid to maximise your body and mind's health this season:

1. Coffee

Avoid or limit your consumption of coffee if you want to stay hydrated during this blazing summertime. Keeping your body hydrated is extremely important during summers. Coffee tends to dehydrate the body. Coffee might also promote an increase in the body's general temperature. This can also further negatively impact the digestive system.

2. Pickles

Pickles are very high in sodium which can also encourage dehydration in the body. In addition to this, eating too many pickles in summer can also result in indigestion.

3. Soda

Various flavoured carbonated drinks are popularly consumed during summer. Even though they might feel refreshing, they are extremely unhealthy and dehydrating for the body. Soda is not only high in sugar and other unhealthy content but can make your body dehydrate faster. High sugar also causes chronic health issues such as diabetes and obesity.

4. Fruits over juices

As much as juices refresh and replenish our mind and body, only drinking juices can cause a reduction in the intake of fibre. Between fruits and juices, it is always better to consume fresh fruits and vegetables as it is. This not only maximises the intake of nutrients but also keeps you fuller for longer.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol has numerous negative effects. In addition to this, alcohol consumption during summer can lead to various dehydration symptoms such as headache, dryness in the mouth, and so on. In addition to this, alcohol consumption heats up the body and might increase sweating in the body. Sweating further speeds up the dehydration process.

6. High salt intake

Although salt cannot be completely avoided and is a necessity in our daily meals, excessive consumption of salt has various negative effects. Excessive consumption of salt can suck the hydration out of the body and make it dehydrated. This might leave you feeling fatigued, dizzy, and tired. In addition to this, a high intake of salt can also cause other issues such as high blood pressure, bloating, and other heart-related diseases.

7. Milkshakes

Milkshakes can be really tempting to drink in the summer. However, milkshakes are very high in sugar making the dehydrating. In addition to this, they are full of unhealthy calories and can cause more chronic issues related to blood pressure and heart, such as diabetes and obesity.

8. Fried food

Fried foods as you may know, are extremely dehydrating to the body. They reduce the water levels in the body and might even make you feel bloated, constipated, etc.

9. Junk Food

Similar to fried food, junk foods are extremely unhealthy. Most junk foods are high in sodium which further dehydrates the body. This makes junk foods especially unfit for summer.

In conclusion, the key to a healthy diet this summer is to eat adequate nutrients and consume lots of water. The best way to navigate what to eat and what not to eat, make sure to read about the nutritional value of foods. Stay clear of foods high in sugar and consume at least 2.7 litres of water daily.

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