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6 Amazing Benefits Of Castor Oil You Must Know

Castor oil is one of the most common ingredients used in various soaps, cosmetics, massage oil and even medicines.

6 Amazing Benefits Of Castor Oil You Must Know

Castor oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties


  1. Castor oil helps in dealing with constipation
  2. Castor oil can reduce pain caused by arthritis
  3. Castor oil results in shinier, dandruff-free hair

Castor oil has been proved to have some amazing benefits for hair and skin and even our overall health. Extracted from the seeds of Ricinus communis plant, castor oil has various antibacterial and antiviral properties which make it a good remedy for fungal infections as well. Castor oil is also commonly used as a laxative. It is one of the most common ingredients used in various soaps, cosmetics, massage oil and even medicines. Historically, castor oil has also been used to relieve constipation.

Take a look at the many benefits of castor oil. 

1. Castor oil and constipation

Castor oil, extracted from the castor beans, contains ricinoleic acid. This is the most important fatty acid in castor oil which binds the smooth muscle cell receptors in the walls of intestines. This helps in contractions of the muscles which further helps in pushing out stool.

It is said that castor oil has similar effects on the uterus and is used to induce labour.

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2. Castor oil and arthritis

Castor oil is also a natural treatment for dealing with pain caused by arthritis and swelling in the joints. Anti-inflammatory properties in castor oil make it ideal oil for massage purposes. You can apply castor oil on the area affected by pain and use a hot water pack thereafter. This will improve drainage and absorption. Try this method for two weeks for effective results.

3. Castor oil and hormonal balance, libido

Consuming castor oil enhances the absorption of fat molecules in the digestive tract. These fat molecules play an important role in the formation of hormones in the body.

The role of castor oil in removing toxins from the body and improving blood circulation ensures improved functioning of the sex organ. Consuming castor oil reduces symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, mood swings, depression and fatigue.

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4. Castor oil and immune function

Castor oil is popular for boosting our immune system, lymphatic drainage and blood flow. Lymphocytes in the immune system act as natural fighters of diseases, toxins and bacteria. Using abdominal castor oil helps in proper production of these lymphocytes, which also affects the body's circulatory system.

5. Castor oil and skin infections, wounds

The condition of your skin is dependent on the health of your gut, hormonal balance and a proper immune system. The skincare products available in the market come with many harmful chemicals that can trigger irritation on the skin. Castor oil is an effective, more natural alternative to these products. It can be easily absorbed by the skin and results in a clearer and fresher skin.

Treating irritated skin, sun burns and acne are other functions included in the list of positive effects of castor oil on skin. It acts as a natural moisturiser for skin and increases production of elastin and collagen. Ricinoleic acid in castor oil makes it one of the most effective home remedies of fighting acne.

Since castor oil improves blood circulation in the body, it enables the body to fight infections and deal with wounds more effectively. Castor oil is also helpful in reducing inflammation, redness and swelling.

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6. Castor oil and hair

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Castor oil aids faster, thicker, shinier, dandruff-free and stronger hair. Content of omega-6 fatty acid in castor oil results in shinier hair, reaches the root of problems and improves circulation in the hair follicles. You can massage slightly warm castor oil on your hair scalp. You can also make a hair mask by massaging oil in the roots of your hair, covering the head with a cap and keeping it over night before head bath. Antifungal and antibacterial properties in castor oil reduces dandruff and scalp infections. 


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